Thursday, October 18, 2007

3 years...

So, I promised more on the vacation I had with my hubby. (Well, not really on our actual vacation, just about our anniversary in general.) Even though our anniversary was 2 days ago I wanted to sit down and write out a few things about these past 3 years of marriage. Yes, we have been married 3 whole years (and 2 days!). Here are a few random things I love about my husband:

  • He is spontaneous. This is SO not me, but God definitely put me with R because He knew I needed some spontaneity in my life. Sometimes it's good to break the routine.

  • He is a great daddy. I love to see him with Luke... my 2 favorite men.

  • He's a BIG kid. Although sometimes this might annoy me ;)... I really do adore this about him.

  • He is passionate about God's calling on his life in youth ministry. He is dedicated to the youth he serves. He relates to them so well and it's evident that this is what he was called to do.
  • He loves Christ more than he loves me. I wouldn't have it any other way either. He can love me more at 2nd than he ever could at #1.
  • He is very outgoing. Another quality that is SO not me. I am reserved and quiet. R is the opposite!
  • He is hilarious. I really do love his sense of humor. We laugh a lot.. and that's good.

There's so much more I love about him but those are the first that come to mind. Like, I said we've been married 3 years. In these past 3 years we bought our first home, moved twice, R has held 4 jobs, went full time into the ministry, I quit work, and the best of all Luke was born. I hope that I can always look back and see what God has done in our lives. A life guided by God's hand is an amazing journey in itself but I am so blessed to walk through it with my best friend, my husband. We were listening to Paul Washer the other day together and Paul made a comment about how God places 2 people together not necessarily because they are soul mates, but ultimately because He (God) wants to grow us in the areas where we need it. I mean He knows us best. He knew that I needed R to be in my life.. to help me grow in areas that I am weak. He also knew that there would be things that R does that would drive me nuts... and that I would and will continue to need to learn patience and unconditional love. I guess what I'm saying is that not only do I love R so much just because but I know that God put us together because He knew that we would grow closer to Him together. That's what it's all about... growing closer to Him. To God be the Glory.. Forever and Ever!