Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Matters

Remember that show?? "Got any cheeeeese??"

Anyway, here's a little family update:

Yesterday was Eli's ENT visit. Eli started whimpering as soon as we got to the red light on 10th street. I admit, I'm envious of those children you see who don't bat an eye at going to the Dr. Both of my kids start crying the moment we turn into the parking deck!! They get it from me. No, I don't actually cry when I have to go. But I want to! The Hubs had to keep Eli outside the waiting room because he was screaming most of the time. The poor little guy has just had to go so much that he hates it. So, we saw Dr. B and learned a lot about the little ear and why children get more infections than adults. He checked Eli's ear and they weren't well, although he just finished antibiotics Friday. We discussed the antibiotics he'd been given, the strongest for the past two infections. And we also talked about his horrible sleeping habits and that the started shortly before he got the first infection. Dr B said that the sleep issues were definitely a marker for problems and it was good that we could identify that he was better on antibiotics and worse before and shortly after antibiotics. Many parents don't know that their child has an ear infection because many children don't have the discomfort. Well, Eli does and he wants everyone else to know to! The Hubs and I had already discussed tubes and were ready to go ahead with them. Dr. B left the decision up to us but was kind of nudging in that direction as well since we had already used the strongest antibiotic twice coupled with the sleep and discomfort we'd had for such a long period of time. I think that if Eli had not had such a LONG stint of sleep problems (and by long I mean MONTHS) and discomfort, I might have just said let's wait. But if that were the case, we'd probably not been in the ENT office anyway! I am a low/no intervention if at all possible. I don't give tylenol/ibuprofen for fevers unless it's accompanied by pain! God designed our bodies perfectly and fevers are meant to fight infection.. we don't run to the Dr for every sniffle.. or even a fever... (but that's a different post!). For a child, a few ear infections a year is normal but it becomes a problem when the antibiotics aren't clearing them up and the child is in pain for long periods of time (and the entire family, minus Luke, is suffering with them). I just know this is the answer for Eli. So, Friday morning we'll be going in for surgery. I'm nervous about him being put to sleep but I know he will be fine!

In completely different news, we have two new fish! Some of you know that Larry the fish passed away Monday evening. Last night after the Hubs got out of class we decided to go eat dinner at Cracker Barrel (yay, gift cards!) and then stop by PetShop and pick up a new Larry. Luke didn't know what had happened yet. So, we had dinner and then on the way over to the pet store, we explained that Larry had gotten sick and we had to get rid of him. Luke didn't really understand what we were saying so I said, "Luke, Larry died. " So, then we got a lot of questions like, "Did he just get smaller and smaller and disappear?" "Did he stop moving?" So, I attempted to explain that Larry wasn't alive. Then he just busted into tears! After being told he was going to get a new fish, he said, "But I want Larry!!" Bless him! He cried all the way up to the doors of Pet Smart. Once he saw all the fish tanks, though, it was like, "Larry who?" So, he picked out a spotted goldfish and Eli got a white goldfish. As we were checking out and getting in the car Luke kept saying, "I wanted to get two fish and Eli have one. I wanted to get three fish, two for me and one for Eli." over and over. We explained that, that wasn't fair and that they each got one fish. Then after more complaining we threatened to take Luke's fish back. Finally, the Hubs said, "Luke, I promise if you say one more thing about wanting two fish, I will turn around and take yours back." The rest of the ride home Luke was quiet about everything and we decided on names. Luke's fish is named Elmo and Eli's is Dorothy. Now, here is the funniest part. When we pulled in the driveway, Luke asked where the fish were. I told him that I had them and was going to bring them in the house. I looked over at him and he already had his little hand holding up three fingers and he said, "But I wanted three...." and I stopped him. I said, "Luke, you better think about what you're saying and remember what Daddy said." So, he stopped and Hubs got him out of the car. A few seconds later as we were all walking in the door, Luke said, "I was going to say, 'I wanted three peanuts.' " Hahaha! Yeah, sure. Quick thinking.

As for me and the Hubs. We're good. The Hubs is doing great in school. All A's! I am so proud of him! If you read much here you know that I'm attempting to lose weight! I'm also reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I'm working on a post on what I've read so far. I'm also reading through the Bible in a year. I started about 2 weeks late from the usual Jan 1st start but that's just me. I'm in Exodus right now. After reading about the making of the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle and everything in it, I'm just amazed. Then, learning about the blood, food and incense sacrifices just makes me stand in wonder and awe at the sacrifice of Christ. He was the ultimate sacrifice. It all points to Him. I pray every day that He changes me! I don't want to look back and be the same person I am now. Complacency has no part in the life of a Christian!

Ok, this is long enough! Happy Wednesday!


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