Friday, April 20, 2012

Italian Roast Wraps ~ Recipe Highlight

You've probably seen this show up on my menus before but I wanted to spotlight it becuase it's really one of my favorite meals. It's a simple meal and not too expensive when you can find roast on sale. For the longest time I thought that all you could do with a roast was serve it along side carrots and potatoes! But there are lots more you can do with them and this is one of my favorite things.

I cook my roast the same way that Laura at Heavenly Homemakers does, except I add about 1/2 cup of water to the bottom of my crock pot. I do this because I love the juices at the bottom! I like to shred up my meat and mix the juices in. I use the homemade Italian dressing mix from Heavenly Homemakers as well. I've used it to make Italian dressing and just didn't like it but I think it's fantastic as a seasoning for roast! I keep some mixed up and ready in my spice cabinet. Unlike Laura, I don't make my own tortillas. I would love to try but just haven't gotten around to it. I have found three different brands that are whole wheat that don't have partially hydrogenated oils but are made with olive oil. So, I go with the lesser evil. ;) We often have these just as she suggests with chopped tomatoes and sour cream. My boys like the wraps with just meat and cheese. Tonight I made them with feta cheese instead of sour cream and they were so yummy! I usually serve them with sauteed green beans or a salad. I've often thought of using homemade taco seasoning on the roast and making them Mexican style, rather than Italian.

As I said before this can be a pretty economical meal when you can find roasts on sale. It's simple, delicious and good for you too!

What other ways do you like to use roast?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello, old friend!

I decided to sit down and see if I could update the ol' blog! I haven't been around in a while! I've got a few minutes, literally a few so let's see what I can share!

(The boys riding their Jeep at Easter)

We're winding down our school year. Can you believe I did it!? My very first year of homeschool! I am so encouraged and just thrilled that God helped me through this year! It was fun! We still have a few weeks left and we'll still keep up the reading during the summer! Luke has done fantastic and we've just had a great year! I pray we have many, many more! Maybe I can get around to sharing what we loved and didn't love about our homeschool curriculum and what I learned along the way. I really wanted to blog more about our journey throughout the year but well, I was a little busy! There are so many moms that make the time to blog and though I love it, I just have a hard time fitting it in. It's one of the things that sometimes falls to the wayside! Maybe next year!

Speaking of Luke, he will be SIX in just a little over a month. He is currently obsessed with both Lego's and Star Wars. So you can imagine what kind of birthday party he wants! He's such a smart boy! He enjoys doing most school work. Reading is a little bit of a struggle, so we take it slow. He really loves all things science and math! He's very strong willed and while we've had some rough times in the area of discipline, I'm beginning to see some fruit there. Praising God for that!

Eli is a mess. He loves to play with his brother and he also loves Star Wars! He is pretty much his brother's shadow. He's still not potty trained and we're very much still struggling with that. In fact this afternoon I found him outside with nothing on from the waist down. He had taken off his pull up in attempts to 'get rid of the evidence'. Oh, that kid.

The Hubs is working hard at work and school. He is getting closer and closer to being finished and I am so proud. We're also involved in planting a church and it is so exciting! We've been meeting twice a month and getting to know everyone in the church plant and praying over and discussing things like what we want the church to be about, how we plan to get involved in the community and more practical things like where are we going to meet (we're currently meeting in a home). The plant consists of families from two local churches. We are so excited to be a part of this and to see what God does! The Hubs and I really feel that God has prepared us for this over the last few years and we are just thankful for His faithfulness to us. It's really amazing how God has put us where we are and brought along side people who are so dear to us and at the same time given us great new friends, all of which we get to serve with! He is just so good! When I have more time I hope to share more! :)

Well, it's bedtime for the boys so I've got a few stories to go read!