Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ramblings... and my little shoe lover!

It's late.. so I may ramble..
I've been learning a lot of things lately.. here are some of them..

  • Target sells Harry and David, Dark Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries!! They are expensive.. but so good.
  • My son is obsessed with shoes.. his shoes, my shoes, R's shoes... He wants to put them on as soon as he wakes up, even before he is out of his pajama's. His favorites are definitely the black rain boots we bought to go with his fireman Halloween costume. (see picture below)

  • I am too old to stay up past 12AM.

  • I will never undertand why my husband likes/wants to fold his t-shirts in a perfect square instead of just folding them normally. Who has the time to do that?

  • Putting your heart and efforts into something only to find that no one is really interested can be discouraging. This is when I just have to trust that God will work it all out.

  • If you have to think twice about whether or not the 'salad in a bag' is still good.. don't eat it!

  • True self-worth and perfect love can only come from God. People, even those close to you, will let you down. They are only human, so go easy on them! Praise God for His unfailing love!
Song of Songs 2:4 ~ "His banner over me is love."

My sweet love and his favorite shoes...