Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank You Dora and Diego!

Yesterday, we took Eli to have a place looked at on his leg. It's a sunken in place about the size of a nickle. I, of course, started freaking out, thinking the worst (and doing too much reading on the internet!)! Well, to make a long story short, Dr. C told me that what it is is called fat atrophy. It can happen from multiple injection in one place or from a steroid injection. And while it's not common, it does happen more than you would think. More than likely Eli's was caused by the steroid (decadron) shot that he got roughly 2 months ago when he had bronchitis. A side effect of steroid injections is fat atrophy. And since the time between when he got the shot to when I noticed the place was only about 3 weeks, it makes perfect sense. I've read that some fat atrophy's are permanent but most resolve themselves in a few months (which is what Dr C told us, 2-3 months). The only thing that we have to do is make sure that if he gets sick and needs an injection that he gets it in the other leg. I just love Dr C, he looked right at me and said, "I know when you notice something like this all kinds of things go through your head... but trust me, this is what it is." And he just rubbed Eli's head and kept saying, "I just love this little boy!" I feel truly blessed to have a pediatrician like him.

Now, on to the funny part! Luke went with us to the Dr's office. It's good for him to be at the Dr when it's not 'his turn' sometimes. Well, Dr C had an arm brace/sling on his right arm. Luke didn't say anything about it yesterday but today at lunch he said,

"Dr. C had a hurt arm yesterday and that thing on it."
Me: "He sure did. It was a special sling to keep him from moving his arm too much so it can heal."
Luke: "Oh. I know why he hurt his arm. It's because he's old!" (he's in his 50s)
Me: (laugh)
Luke: "And you know what? I think Dr C speaks some kind of Spanish."
Me: "You're right, Dr C does speak Spanish! Good job, Luke!"

And just from his accent Luke detected that! He's never spoken Spanish to us.. of course, because we couldn't understand him! So, thanks Dora and Diego!


Jessica said...

glad everything is ok with Eli!

and that Luke is sooo funny!