Monday, November 29, 2010

Jesse Tree

As parents, our hearts have always been prayerful that our boys would come out of Christmas season knowing and feeling the real meaning of Christmas. And even though they are young, we've always felt that it was possible. Unfortunately, in talking with our oldest just a few weeks ago, it seems that we missed the mark. So, I set out on a mission to find something.. some sort of devotional, Scripture reading, book. I hadn't really found anything that I just loved until I saw this.

I've written before about how much I have learned and gained from reading A Holy Experience. I highly suggest you taking some time to go through some of Ann's posts!

The FREE eBook is an 80 page Jesse Tree Advent Devotional. And while it started today, it's not too late to print it out!

The picture above is the boys right before we read the Scripture reading tonight. I want this to be special.. lights dimmed, candles lit.. my prayerful attempts at making an etched memory in their minds. Memories that will hopefully happen year after year.

Was it perfect? No! Both boys tried many times to blow out the candle... so many that we just moved it off the table. And yes, they were told that being quiet and attentive would get them a surprise at the end. We do Bible stories during the week so they are somewhat use to having to sit still and listen. But we know they are two and four and need much grace!

My prayer is that the anticipation of Christ's birth will be felt in our home. We will look for Jesus through the Scriptures.. longing and waiting for Him to come.

(BTW, I'm looking for some fabric to put under the tree.. burlap type fabric.. I want it to look homey)

What is a Jesse Tree?


Jami said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!