Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our days...

Today we completed day three of our 'official' homeschool journey! How is it going? Pretty good! Honestly, it's not much different than normal around here. We did take a break for about 2 months for summer but other than that we're just a tad bit more 'scheduled' and we have 'official' books. You know, I don't even like that word.. schedule. I like the word 'rhythm' better. So, we have a better rhythm going. Here's what our day looks like (times are not exact... just a guideline!):

6:30-7 ~ Mommy up (I am not a morning person)

7am ~ Mommy exercise (Trying to do this daily!!!)

7:30am ~ Boys up (typically, I don't wake them up), I start breakfast.

8am ~ Breakfast and tv. Yes, my kids watch TV while eating breakfast! We have Netflix on demand so they watch a 30 minute episode of something while they eat off of the laptop at the table. This gives me time to eat my own breakfast, pray and read my Bible.

8:30am ~ Boys get dressed, chores (feed cat, brush teeth, make beds) and I shower and get dressed.

9am (ish) ~ School day begins! I'm using Little Hearts for His Glory so I just follow along in their program. We do calendar time first and then our Bible lesson then we start the rest... history, science, math, phonics, fine motor skills, handwriting and anything else we want! We don't go straight through, though. For instance, today we took a break to dance! I pulled up some Choo Choo Soul videos on Youtube and let the boys go to town. They love to break dance! It's hilarious! While they danced I unloaded the dishwasher!

I snapped this while they were dancing!

Then we moved on! We also take a break for snack and to play a few games. We do crafts, lots of activities and read!

Craft we did after reading that Jesus is the center of history!

11-11:30am ~ We're technically done.. but learning is never over and parenting is teaching, right? :)

So, then we do whatever.. For example... today we went outside for about an hour. We came in for lunch (the boys help clean off the table after lunch) and then afternoon chores, which today was a group effort to clean up the toy room! It was a mess! After that, we all raced Hot Wheels down the hallway. Luke ended up winning the most out of our races! I left them to continue racing and working on the crashed cars to load the dishwasher back up. While the boys continued to play, I washed a few pots and pans and vacuumed all the rooms in the house. I checked email, fed the kids a snack, then freshened up (which means I put my make up on) and did a little bit of straightening (which means grabbing a few things here and there and returning it to where it belongs) before the Hubs got home.

After the Hubs got home, the boys watched one of their favorite shows, Wild Kratts on PBS and I folded some laundry before getting dinner started. We had dinner and then the kids started going crazy... seriously! Are my kids the only one who gets a burst of energy right after dinner? As I was attempting to clean the kitchen they just went wild... Running up and down the halls, in and out of rooms... screaming... boys! ;) So finally, I put the kitchen aside and said, "Let's go outside!!" So we spent 30 minutes outside where they literally ran in circles for the first 5! We played, we drew with chalk, Eli skinned his knees and I got eaten up by mosquitoes! :)

Once I started wanting to rub my legs with sand paper, I got the boys in and ready for bath. Side note: mosquitoes REALLY like me. The boys didn't get ONE bite. I got NINE. So they played in the bath, got jammies on and had some yogurt! Brushed teeth, read a devotional, said prayers, lights out.

That's what a typical day will look like... for the most part. We'll have other activities, field trips, play dates, library days, museum days, ect.

What do I do after they get in bed? Well, you don't really care what I do, do you? Just in case you wanna know... I finished cleaning the kitchen, washed my face, got a glass of chocolate milk and sat down to write this. Typically, I finish up any chores (the main ones like dirty dishes, the rest.. well, I say they will be there tomorrow!) and then spend time with the Hubs! :)

Tonight I'm praying this verse over our days...

"Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me." Psalm 119:133


Laurie said...

Hi Crystal! I found your comment on my blog and wanted to "stop by" and see yours! :) I loved reading about your typical day, and the art project your boys made is awesome! Love it, love it! I hope your school year is a tremendous blessing to you and your precious boys. :)

Tiffany said...

This is fantastic!! Sounds as if you are doing great! We start in just a few weeks, and I cannot wait!