Thursday, October 4, 2012

Half Way!

Yesterday was the official half way mark of my pregnancy! 20 WEEKS! That is of course, if this little guy doesn't go over due! Both of the boys came on (Eli) or before (Luke was 3 days early) their due date. I'm hoping for the same this time!

I was feeling a little fear yesterday thinking about the upcoming birth. I have had my moments here and there so I sat down and read several birth stories for encouragement. Most of them I read from facebook page called "The Skeptical Mother" and were home births. Obviously, I won't be having a home birth (for many reasons) but mainly because it just wouldn't be safe considering my past two births. But these home births are so fascinating! Women are so amazing and it's really only because of God's design! It really did encourage me to read their stories. I can't guarantee how my attempt at an un-medicated, VBA2C is going to go, but I can trust in the One who's lead me in this direction. So, continue to pray for me, for my confidence in God, for my uterus to heal completely (He can do it!) so that I can birth this sweet baby boy.

Speaking of this sweet little boy.... we finally have a name! His name will be Jude. For obvious reasons I'm not going to share his full name. If you're important enough, you know it. We have picked biblical names for all of our boys. We always like to look at the meanings, the person behind the name and of course, whether or not we just like the way it sounds. In my mind I kept going back and forth between Jude and Asa. They are both great names! But the more I prayed and asked God what his name was the more I knew it was Jude. Jude means "praise or thanks"! We have been thanking God for this sweet little person as soon as we found out he was coming! I can't tell you how many people we had praying for us after our miscarriage and I praise God for hearing our prayers!

And lastly, a little update about how I'm feeling. The nausea is gone and has been gone for a month and a half! I am still pretty tired most days. I think that's just life with two active little boys. My iron is good and I'm eating well. My rest could be better. I have myself propped up on pillows most nights because I have lots of hip pain if I try to lay on either side. I have no real cravings... except a Wendy's frosty. And I have yet to have one. I've been wanting one for several weeks now haven't let myself have one. I get heartburn occasionally but mainly when I eat a big meal. I can feel this little guy more and more each day and have even seen him kick from the outside. No one else has seen it because well, you have to be super patient to see it! It won't be long though and it will be very visible from the outside! I'm exercising about 4 days a week, walking about a mile and a half per day. I haven't made it to two miles yet, maybe next week! I'm using my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs and just roll my eyes when the lady says, "Tighten that tummy! Tuck your belly button into your spine!" Um.. yeah, I'll do that! Haha!

So, things are going well and I am blessed. Really, the minor things that go on in life, like unexpected lab bills, broken washing machines and boxes still all over, really are just that.. minor. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Jessica said...

Love the name!!! :)