Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Happy 26 weeks today! I'm thisclose to being in my third trimester. Most say it starts between week 27-28. I have people constantly ask me how I'm feeling so I thought I'd tell you! I feel great! Honest! I have been blessed beyond measure with great pregnancies in the past and so far this one has been the same! Other than some hip pain during sleep and a little sciatic nerve pain late in the evening (which I just take as my body saying "sit down"), I feel wonderful!! I'm so thankful! 

Jude is growing! I can tell because I am growing! This past week is the first week I've felt literal growing pains. I can feel my tummy stretching and have had some round ligament pain. Again, nothing big, but I can feel it! He's very active late at night and early morning. That should be fun come February! I'm still going no refined sugar (3 weeks tomorrow!). Although, I have had small amounts in cereal. I do sometimes crave a bowl of cereal! It's Kashi Island Vanilla (so good!), which is organic sugar and much lower than most other brands but it's still more refined than I'd like. So, I'm not really counting those 3 or 4 bowls I've had as a snack! It would be different if I were eating Lucky Charms or something. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I am having dessert!

I have finally picked out a nursery theme. I'm excited about it and hopefully we can start working on everything soon! Since we moved two and a half months ago, that room has become the storage room and so we're slowly going through it all! We've got a baby coming in 3 months, so we've got to get it ready! Although, it's a little silly as all my babies stay in my room until they are several months old. I like to have my babies close and well, they like it too! We're using white, crimson and gray for his room. When we get it finished I'll share pictures!

Speaking of the house, we're still working on getting every done! My mom has been helping with the trim work and it's getting close to being finished. The Hubs and my father in law moved the TV again and we rearranged the living room. It looks much better but now there is more painting to be done from where the TV was moved! The next projects (I hope) are to sand and stain the table and cabinet for the den. This is where I will store much of my homeschool stuff. I'm praying for a nice day to get that done outside! My job has been sorting through things. I've been working on it in small amounts, going through stuff and getting rid of what we don't need! I've also been doing some organizing and today I'm heading to the Dollar Tree to see if I can find some plastic baskets to help organize the bathroom drawers and cabinets. Growing a baby, teaching a 1st grader, feeding and cleaning for a family doesn't leave much time for anything else! But I love it!

Some things you can pray with me about concerning the pregnancy: a doula. Goodness, they are expensive. My Dr wants me to have one for labor and I'd like to have one. But the money is the problem. So, I may be doing this labor on my own and that will be okay. My prayer is that God will provide if it's something I should have. I'm trusting that if it's not, He will see me through! Secondly, continue to pray that this labor will happen naturally and the VBA2C will be successful!

 "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19