Monday, November 12, 2007

One crazy night...

One thing that I have learned about my son: he likes to be at home... especially when he is sick. I don't blame him though... when I'm sick, home is the only place I want to be. Here are the ramblings of our crazy night.

R had a youth event planned for last night. It was a conference sort of thing so I had planned a few weeks ago to go spend the night w/ my parents. My beautician lives an hour away so I have to plan everything out to get my hair done. So today being a holiday, my mom was off from work and she could watch Luke while I went and got my hair 'did'. Well, everything was looking up until Luke started running a fever Friday. No biggy.. maybe it's just a little virus and will be gone in no time... Saturday... fevers... Sunday... fevers... Despite better judgement, I went ahead to my mom's Sunday afternoon. I knew that R would be home late so I figured that I'd just go to my moms, spend the night and then she could go w/ me the next day to take Luke to the Dr. I do not 'do' Dr's visits alone. I did that one time and vowed to never do it again! I called my hair dresser and canceled... dark roots for a few more weeks, I guess. Like I said, he had been running a 102-103 fever since Friday. Tylenol and ibuprofen had been keeping it down and he had been acting like his normal self... playing, etc. He'd even been sleeping great. Friday and Sat. night I would hear him wake up.. but not cry... I'd go to check on him and of course he was burning up w/ fever so I'd give him something to get it back down and then rock him until I felt his temperature come back to normal. So, I figured Sunday night would be no different.
Boy, was I wrong. Luke was in the bed around 9pm... which is a little later than normal. I watched a little TV w/ my mom and then got ready for bed around 10:30. At about 10:45pm, I laid down and got out my Bible and Breaking Free book to do some reading. Seriously, at that moment, the crying started. I go check on him... he has no fever at all but my poor baby can't breath out of his nose! Bless his little heart! He was soo frustrated because he couldn't breath (and suck his paci at the same time)! My mom tried to help.. but my little man wanted his mommy! He was pitiful! Mom's got one of the vaporizers w/ the vapor stuff in it so we tried that (along with the vapor rub already on his chest).. but it didn't work.
He just cried.. and cried some more...
Let's watch a little tv.. didn't work.. Let's walk around the house.. didn't work... Let's drink some juice.. didn't work... More crying..
He was not consolable at all.
My dad, who had to get up the next morning at 4:30am, drove to WalMart to get him some Dimetapp. Yes, I'm a terrible mother.. I didn't bring it with me.. but then again, I hadn't needed it previously.
More crying.. I realized then that he was NOT going to go to bed. So, I made the decision at 12AM...
We're going home.
Me- "Luke, do you want to go home?"
Luke(in his best and sweetest 17 month old language)- "ome? ome?"
Me- "Yes, baby. We're going home."
Thankfully, since home is an hour away my mom decided to go with us. We loaded everything up as quick as possible and headed out. Seriously, as soon as we were out the door (while Luke repeated "ome, ome!") the crying stopped. He was definitely ready to go home.
About 30 minutes into the ride, Luke was out like a light... snoring, but completely out. He was soaking wet with sweat when we finally got home (around 1:15 am)... because his fever had broken. I laid him down in his bed. He slept like a baby until 9am!!
Note to self- never EVER go anywhere when Luke is sick.

I called the Dr at 8:30 am (when they open)... left a message and waited. Luckily, when Luke got up he didn't have a fever, which was great since that hadn't happened in 3 mornings. The nurse finally called me back at 2pm (GRRRR... I won't even get into that). She said that it was a good sign that his fever had gone down... and to keep him hydrated... and said that they would call him in something to help his congestion. I'm not sure it's working though because he still sounded VERY congested when I laid him down tonight. Truthfully, I was relieved that she didn't think he needed to come in. I despise the Dr's office... and I really feel like he's getting better. He did run a low fever tonight of 100 but, like I said, it hasn't been that low without medication for 3 days.

My Luke, he definitely knows what he wants, when he wants it! It's just horrible when he's sick! I feel so helpless when I can't 'fix' it! Luckily, going home was one thing I could do! I'm praying that was the worst of it and he will be better soon!
Speaking of all of this. It's 10PM and who knows what tonight may be like.