Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Luke is 18 months old!

My baby is officially 18 months old today. A year and a half. We had his checkup yesterday and the Dr said he was perfect. I already knew that though! :) He did say he was slim, like his daddy, who was with me (thank goodness, because he sure doesn't get 'thin' from me!). He was 24.18 lbs and 33.75 inches tall...

So, in light of his year and a half birthday I'd like to post a few new things he can do.. and just some random cute things he's been doing.

Just 2 days ago he said his first compound word: house shoes. It sounds kind of like 'hoseshoows' but it's house shoes. It's so cute!

He likes to brush his teeth while I brush his teeth. Meaning that he has 2 toothbrushes.. one that I use for him and one that he uses. This is really the only way he will let me brush his teeth.

He has a hard time with the L sound. So our dog, Lily, is 'Niny'. :)

He can now successfully open 3 doors in our house. The door to the living room, the 'what exactly is this room' room and the laundry room(all 3 rooms that we'd rather him not go in, of course). We have the doorknob covers on them now. The other doors have older knobs so they are harder to turn.. but I'm sure it won't be much longer until he has mastered them as well.

He has started asking for 'more' when he wants more milk. I'm trying to get the 'please' added but it hasn't come yet.

He likes to 'talk' on the phone but only when no one is actually on there. He would much rather pretend than really be talking to someone.

He still uses his paci but he knows that the paci stays in his bed. We no longer take it with us anywhere... unless of course we are staying over night. When he wakes up and I come to get him, he knows that he has to put the paci down before he can get out of bed.

If you ask to see his 'cheesy grin' he will give you the cutest cheesiest grin you've ever seen... full of all his little baby teeth! Adorable! By the way.. he has 12.. and more coming soon!

When he sees any kind of football on TV he yells, 'touchdown!'. His daddy is very proud!

Despite the snubbing and wailing that he did yesterday while the Dr examined him, he still politely shook the Dr's hand and said 'byebye' when he was leaving the room (snubbs and all).

He loves the Christmas tree! Every morning since we've had it up he comes to the living room door and says "on". It must be turned on the minute he gets up. When I turn it on, he says, 'Oh Wee!"

He HATES having his picture taken. I mean who has time to stop and smile when there are cars to push around and balls to bounce (or in the case of trying to take Christmas pictures by the tree.. ornaments to pull off).

He is a very inquisitive child and studies everyone he meets. No, he will probably not smile at you.. but he will stare you down like he's in it to win it. I promise you though he is a very happy child. He just needs time to figure people out.

There are no words to say that could express the love I have for that little boy! He is such a joy!


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

oh my goodness Crystal, your baby boy sounds absolutely shoes---first compound word - I LOVE IT - so does he own his own? makes me want to go run out and buy him a pair with a character on them AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU...sweet post about your boy! my oldest son is 25 and i remember his first compound word---"lawn mower" ... amazing what we remember that touches us. Sounds like you really enjoy your son! May God give you peace and joy as you miss your sister this Christmas. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Bev