Monday, August 4, 2008

Thoughts from last week...

So, have I gathered my thoughts?? Not really! I honestly haven't had much time to gather my thoughts! But c'mon!!!! I am due in less than 4 weeks... can you blame me?? Seriously though, I would like to talk about this past week.

I mentioned earlier that I was so encouraged last week and I was. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to meet people who are likeminded in their beliefs and are (to put it plainly) firmly planted in true biblical doctrine. It just blesses me so much! My heart and soul crave to be around people like that. (and btw, God has greatly blessed the Hubs and I with a new circle of friends who believe the same and desire to spur one another on in His Word)

The evangelist we had at church last week was Don Currin. We were blessed to also have his wife there with him. I was able to have many conversations with her after the services. She gave me great godly council, especially in the areas of mothering and being a wife/homemaker. The affirmation and encouragement that she gave me is something that I am so thankful for. Not that I ever had any doubt that what I do is God's will and I definitely do not need anyone else to give me any direction, except for God, but I know that God sends people into our lives to affirm His perfect will. The Hubs and I may not always rear our children the way that the rest of the world chooses. Even in the church I have had comments made to me about education being a 'good field for young women' to go into, after being told that I did not work outside of the home. (As if devoting all my time to educating and raising the children God has given me is not worthy enough.) So, even in the church (and when I say church I mean as in members of a particular congregation, not the church which is the Bride of Christ... I think we often confuse the two but they are VERY different things!! But that is another post!) remarks are made about a woman's desire to stay home. So, needless to say the godly council and encouragement that I got this past week was so very refreshing.

And whether or not I was working or non-working has nothing to do with the biblical foundation that her advice was given on. Her advice was applicable to any wife/mother who has a desire to follow God. During one of our conversations we talked about the lack of older/wiser women mentoring younger women. Like I said earlier, I enjoyed so much the time that I had to talk with her and wish that I had that godly council all the time. It is definitely scarce in our churches today. Older women are not living out the commands in Titus 2. And I have to ask the question, why? Is it because they are not grounded in God's Word enough to disciple and mentor younger women? I think that has a great deal to do with it. Is it because many women don't see being the heart of the home the most important thing? Is being a godly wife and mother not the greatest task given by God to a woman? I can look to the world to teach me how to be successful outside of the home.. how to make lots of money, dress fashionably, etc. But what about diciplining my children, being submissive to my husband's leadership, being a woman of prayer, making my home a place of peace and comfort for my family all according to God's Word? I guess, after being able to talk to Mrs. Currin this week, my eyes were opened to the lack of mentoring between older & younger women in the church. I was given one bit of advice from her concerning this subject though. She said, there are always women younger than you. I have the ability to 'mentor', in some way, the women in our church who are younger than me. I can do my part. And my prayer is that I can honor God and be an encouragement to someone by doing that.

More thoughts later...


Misty said...

Thanks for sharing this. I too wish there were more godly older women in my life to be mentors to me, but even you have mentored me and I am slightly older than you! I guess the point is that we should admonish one another in love and speak encouraging words of leadership to one another, no matter our age!

Lisa said...

Hi. I read your blog sometimes but have never commented. I have thought alot about this too! We just got done going through Titus at church. I wrote a post about this in July called LIFES WORK. If you want you can read it and I won't take up any more space here!! Loved reading your thoughts. Lisa

Anonymous said...

I was just passing through and reading your blog and wanted to say hi. I also wanted to comment that I thought I was the only one who called my husband "Hubs" but I guess not eh? lol Good luck getting through the next 4 weeks!

seesawfaith said...

I just had to tell you how wonderful I found your thoughts and reasoning on this subject.

If it were at all possible for me to be home I would love to be a SAHM. I envy you that. I firmly believe that God carefully chooses the families he creates. Being called to be a mother is the most beautiful job in the world and I encourage you to stand firm! I wish I was there to support you!

As to mentoring and leading those younger than I: I frequently feel I am letting Him down in the choices I make or the way I carry out my job as wife or my job as mother. That makes it hard for me to feel that I have anything to offer those coming along the path behind me.

I will share a little wisdom that my pastor shared when I told him that. He asked me "Are you one step ahead of where they are now?" When I said yes, he told me then I should be able to lead them to where I stand now.It is all about the single step, not the whole journey. is the same with the Mothers, wives and women of God that stand in front of me.

Titus 2. It is a beautiful principle that, you are right, is horribly neglected in our society today. I can't say I have been great at keeping up my part of it because of what I described above. Satan plants the seed of unworthiness and I sometimes find it easier to hear his voice then God encouraging me. That is one of the reasons I started my blog. I am using it to bring glory to God in all the little (and big)ways I stumble and, hopefully, help out someone one step behind where I am now.