Monday, January 26, 2009

On my mind...

Hi peeps! I just wanted to stop in! I've got all kinds of stuff going on in my head that I want to blog about. Problem is, I can't get any of it to make sense! I start writing and then just get frustrated. Does anyone ever have that problem?? God has done so much in my life over the past month and a half. I'm learning how to trust Him more. I'm learning that He is my satisfaction. I'm learning that my merit comes from Him. I'm learning to live intentionally and more purposefully... purposefully living to bring Him glory in every step that I make. Things right now aren't easy breezy. It's hard. We will be living with the repercussions of the Hubs losing his job for a while... Not just financially but also just dealing with the feelings and emotions that go along with it. People lose their jobs and the financial strain is hard. We were hurt and that's been especially hard to deal with. I find that the moment I think I'm getting over it, that's the moment that something else happens which is a direct result from the whole ordeal. I won't go into detail on this blog for various reasons but I open the door to anyone who wants to talk about it. I'm learning to trust in God to take care of our reputations. I pray we live in such a way that will prove what we are about and that is glorifying God. He is what matters. May he be honored through every circumstance and situation that our family goes through whether good or bad.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I could listen to this forever!

Eli Giggline on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praying for President Obama

I've been prayerful today as I watched all of the media coverage of President Obama taking office. I actually sat down this morning with the TV in the background with all intentions of writing a post on the subject. I stopped by Xandra's first and read that she'd already done a great job on that! So, I'm going to send you off to her.

And I'd also like to share with you (that Xandra shares also) a prayer for President Obama written by Albert Mohler. And although we may not agree with everything Mr. Obama stands for, as children of God, we are called to pray for this great nation and the man that was chosen to lead it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terriffic Two's and Eli's weight check

If the Bible isn't plain enough about how we are born sinners just hang out with my two year old for a while. Don't get me wrong he's a sweetie pie sometimes but disobedience is ingrained in him! He has to be told often not to play with Eli's swing (he has to be told often not to do a lot of things!). Well, the other day he was pushing it and mashing the buttons (thankfully Eli was upstairs asleep) and I told him that if he touched it again he would get a spanking. Well, guess what he did? Yep, he touched it. So, I popped him. He began rubbing his leg.. then glared up at me with those big brown eyes and said.... 'I'll wipe that spank off!!!" He showed me or at least he thought he did! My response (as I grinned inside) was, "Well, if you touch the swing again, I'll put a spank right back on!" I wish I could record everything he says!!!

I think two is such a fun age. I know many people refer to it as the "Terrible Two's" but I try to look past all of the negativity and look at the positive (and hilarious) sides of being two. The past two days Luke has decided to start taking off his diaper. He's never attempted this before. Guess why he's taking them off? Because they have poopy in them! Yes, he's taking off his dirty diapers... both times without me knowing. I know he is ready (or should be!) for potty training but he is very resistant. Anytime sitting on the potty is mentioned, he whines, "No, I not sit on the potty!" I don't want to force him and I'm trying to be as encouraging as I can ("Sitting on the potty is so much fun!"... hmm, is that considered lying?). So, if anyone has any tips for me please share! It will be great when we only have one in diapers! :)

A little weight update on Eli: I had him weighed today and he weighed 13 lbs and 8.5 oz. He roughly gained about 5 oz per week the past 4 weeks (which is within the normal range for his age). I wanted him to weigh a minimum of 13.08 so he squeaked by! I know that's just his body type. Luke was a much bigger baby (12 lbs 10 oz at 2 months!) but he was also formula fed and on solids by 4 mths. I, of course, want Eli to gain tons of weight and have rolls galore but that's just not him. And having my first be super chubby, it's hard to get it in my head that it's ok that Eli is smaller. He is happy and healthy and gaining fine. His reflux is much better now that I've eliminated the biggest allergens out of my diet. He is still on the Zantac but I chose not to try the other med on him. I will be adding corn back into my diet in the next few days because it is the least allergenic. Then I will go from there. I'm praying that his reflux and food sensitivities will continue to get better as his body matures. We're currently having some issues with sleeping at night. Here lately he's been very restless at night and wanting to be held to sleep and eat more often. I honestly don't mind holding him when he's still.... but that restless part I mentioned.. yep, it's hard to sleep with a squirming baby in your arms! I'm hoping it's just a phase (I've read some things about the 4 mth wakeful periods that some babies go through). Sleep is a luxury right now, a luxury that I'm sure I'll get to enjoy more often the older he gets. Right now, I'll attempt to remember (at 2am), that in such a short time he'll be too big for me to cradle in my arms! It really is a small sacrifice!

Monday, January 5, 2009

List of my thoughts:

  1. Eli is rolling over! He was 4 months on the 29th and on Saturday he started rolling over without any help from us! Tonight he was playing on his play mat and ended up on his tummy with half of his body off of the mat! Mom needs an area rug because he's going to be rolling everywhere!
  2. We have been visiting a church and absolutely love it! God's Word is alive! Isn't it amazing that it was written so long ago but is relevant and living right now in 2009!? God is so good!
  3. The Hubs talked to someone today about job possibilities where he use to work. Pray with us that God will open the right doors and the Hubs will get the job he (we) needs!
  4. I'm extremely frustrated with reflux!!! The Zantac isn't working anymore and the med that they want to put Eli on I don't like!! I don't know what to do!!
  5. I love my husband for asking a woman in Lifeway if the Bible he was picking out for me was bright/neon or more muted pink (since I did not want a neon pink Bible!). And I'm thankful that he doesn't know different shades of pink! Yay for giftcards and Hubby's who use them for a pink Bible!!
  6. Luke has too many toys. When we are able to get a house we are definitely going to be getting rid of some! Santa (who, this year, was in the form of my parents) was too generous!
  7. God is beginning to mend my heart. Those who know me well, know that the past month has been so difficult for me. I have been bitter and broken. But God has shown me, just in the most recent days, that He is here. He is with me. He is with my family. He is my rock. He never promised me that things would be easy or fair but He has promised me that He would always be faithful to me.. and He has been. On Christ the solid rock I stand... All other ground is sinking sand...

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Beginnings...

I meant to post this yesterday but I never got around to it!

Since it's a new year, I wanted to share a link to my new beginning. I hope you'll take the time to read it and if you don't know Him, I'll be praying that God will begin to draw you to Himself as He did me almost 8 years ago.

As far as my prayers for the new year.. there are a lot! (considering our current circumstances)Ultimately, I want God to receive the glory for everything our family does, whatever that may be. I want to live life intentionally for my God. Those words have been resounding in my mind the past few days. I hope to share more of my thoughts on this later! Happy New Year!