Monday, January 5, 2009

List of my thoughts:

  1. Eli is rolling over! He was 4 months on the 29th and on Saturday he started rolling over without any help from us! Tonight he was playing on his play mat and ended up on his tummy with half of his body off of the mat! Mom needs an area rug because he's going to be rolling everywhere!
  2. We have been visiting a church and absolutely love it! God's Word is alive! Isn't it amazing that it was written so long ago but is relevant and living right now in 2009!? God is so good!
  3. The Hubs talked to someone today about job possibilities where he use to work. Pray with us that God will open the right doors and the Hubs will get the job he (we) needs!
  4. I'm extremely frustrated with reflux!!! The Zantac isn't working anymore and the med that they want to put Eli on I don't like!! I don't know what to do!!
  5. I love my husband for asking a woman in Lifeway if the Bible he was picking out for me was bright/neon or more muted pink (since I did not want a neon pink Bible!). And I'm thankful that he doesn't know different shades of pink! Yay for giftcards and Hubby's who use them for a pink Bible!!
  6. Luke has too many toys. When we are able to get a house we are definitely going to be getting rid of some! Santa (who, this year, was in the form of my parents) was too generous!
  7. God is beginning to mend my heart. Those who know me well, know that the past month has been so difficult for me. I have been bitter and broken. But God has shown me, just in the most recent days, that He is here. He is with me. He is with my family. He is my rock. He never promised me that things would be easy or fair but He has promised me that He would always be faithful to me.. and He has been. On Christ the solid rock I stand... All other ground is sinking sand...


Misty said...

How exciting that your little man is rolling over! I know how we love for them to reach these milestones, but if you are like me it is sad that they grow up so quickly!!

As for the rest, I've prayed many prayers for you and Robby. Your family is precious to me and mine. We continue to pray God's blessings, grace, and mercy on you all. Love you guys!!