Friday, July 3, 2009

June - Beach and Ocean

Last month I started doing preschool activities with Luke. Since I do plan to home school the boys, I thought it might be fun and helpful to start doing some different learning activities. I was already doing a lot of things with him but I actually thought it out and did some web searching for ideas too! So, for the month of June our theme was "Beach and Ocean". Our Bible principle was "God made all things" and our verse was Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." We focused on the letters B and O. It was amazing what Luke learned this month. We didn't do an activity a day, probably 3-4 times a week. And it's not a set time of day or a particular amount of time. We did take the week off when we were at the beach too! There were so many opportunities to teach him while we were at the beach! We just go with the flow. If we're busy, we don't do an activity. Everything is super simple! I mean he just turned three! Here are a few things that he did:

We colored sand and left it over night to dry. The next day Luke made fun sand art! We talked about how sand feels and that sand covers the beach. We also talked about creatures that live in the sand!

Here are some of the B coloring pages that Luke colored. He can now pick the letter B out in a book!

And here are a few of the O things he colored. (We also watched a video online of an octopus that Luke loved!) We talked about different kinds of animals that live in the ocean and even acted some of them out!

We also did some more gluing projects (Luke loves to glue things!) and counting games with our sea shells from the beach(above).

Next week we will start a new month!! If anyone has any tips or good resources let me know!


Jessica said...

what fun and creative projects you did!

Kay said...

While I was pregnant I wanted to home school Regan. Since he was born and we need special education I won't be able to. :( I'm always looking for websites to help get a head start to school. Here are two of my favorite sites. ~ Free coloring pages~ There is a Bible section to go along with some scriptures ~ Free worksheets for early childhood education

Your boys are growing up so fast!!!