Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding a minute..

I have totally been in a blogging rut!! I have lots of things I want to blog about but I just can't find the words, nor can I find the time!

So, I just decided to sit down while I have a minute or two and just write. Who knows what's going to come of this. We'll see.

I feel totally terrible admitting this but remember my last post about Eli's horrid sleeping issues?? Well, I wrote that on a Tuesday and the next Thursday I ended up having to take him to the Dr and he had a double ear infection. Makes total sense now!! And according to Dr C "Mommy, his ears are really, really bad"!! And that made me feel like poop for complaining and whining about him being up all hours of the night. The poor baby was in PAIN! And guess what? He slept ALL night Thursday and Friday nights. He was pumped full of tylenol and ibuprofen though. Thank you Jesus for pain medication and antibiotics! This was his 3rd ear infection in 4 months. :/ So... we we're that if he gets one more in the next few months we'll be going to see an ENT for tubes. We had a recheck today and his ears look much better! We have had one bad night since last week but it's his teeth. Eli has the two front teeth (the two on the sides of the front two) that I knew were coming in because I could see them. And then when the Dr checked him today he has one molar coming in the back. I could see it underneath the skin! Bless him, he can't get a break!

Luke is doing much better with his poop issues. He still goes in his pull up but I'm just glad he's going! He's no longer holding it in and he gets really excited when he goes (and so do I!). He's still on his meds but he doesn't get it as often. I think the combination of his meds and the lack of pressure to go on the potty has helped so much. I know he will get there in his own time. As far as his behavior issues.. well, we have good days and bad days. I know he's at the age where he's testing his limits and just plain wanting to be in control. We've been talking about what sin is and that there are consequences when we sin. I want him to understand that ultimately he is disobeying God when he sins. I know he is young but I think children understand more than we give them credit. I also want to couple this sin/disobedience talk with talk about who God is. That He is loving and kind but also must punish and correct us. Of course Luke must see that through the way the Hubs and I parent. I just want Him to know the character of God while we explain sin. I think if we constantly talk to a child about his disobedience and how it is against God's 'rules' without talking about all of the other things of God, we are painting an untrue picture of who God is. It's a delicate thing but there must be a balance. The goal is to teach our children who they are in light of who God is. And I pray everyday for God to give me wisdom.

Well, that's enough for now... we're off to eat dinner with my parents tonight!


Jessica said...

So sorry about all the ear infections...praying that those will heal and there will not be anymore.