Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Link Up!

I thought I'd share a few links with you on this HOT as hades Friday! Seriously, turn on the AC and just relax today. Or, if you have a pool, go to jump in. Otherwise, don't even go outside. Ninety-four degrees in the shade. Yep, it's summer time in Alabama.

1. Speaking of summertime... it's time for some fun summertime parties. I haven't shared anything about Luke's big day but I will save that for a post all in itself. If you're looking for a yummy summer dessert that is healthy for you, check out this recipe for Healthy Strawberry Shortcake. I haven't tried it yet but I'm definitely going to! (ie, healthy in my book = natural sugars, real fat milk/butter/eggs, whole grains)

2. Check out my Baby Weight blog to see how I did this week with my 30 Day Shred in 60 Days.
3. Most of you know about sweet Cassidy who was in a horrible 4 wheeler wreck a few weeks ago. I keep everyone updated on Facebook about her progress and how we can pray specifically for her. But I also wanted to share her Caring Bridge site. You can read all of the recent updates in her journal, see pictures of her beautiful face and read/sign her guestbook. If you're someone who has been praying for her, I encourage you to sign the guestbook and let the family know you are praying. I know they would love to hear of those who are praying for their daughter, even those who don't know them personally and be so encouraged by it. You do have to create a Caring Bridge account but it's as easy as entering your email address and creating a password. Her site is:

And for those of you out there who don't know about this story, please add Cassidy to your prayer list! I know God is working a miracle!

4. Something you may not know about me: I am super passionate about car seats and car seat safety! So when I read this article, I was THRILLED! I have been convinced for some time that rear facing your children in their car seat until they reach the height and weight limit is safest. I have read studies and articles... watched videos and crash tests. I was hands down sure that rear facing for as long as you can is best and safest for your children. When I read this article and saw that, "The American Academy of Pediatrics and many child-passenger safety advocates have expanded their recommendations to suggest that infants and young children remain rear-facing up to the maximum height or weight limits of their car seats", I was like, FINALLY! I've heard so many pediatricians say it's ok and even advise parents that their patients be turned around a one year and 20 lbs (AL Law). I just cringe when I hear that. It's legal to smoke at 19 too, but I don't think it's a good idea to go out and by your teenager a pack of smokes on their 19th birthday. Eli's car seat rear faces up to 35 lbs, so we have a while.. I mean like probably until he's 3! Luke didn't pass 35 pounds until after he turned 3! But you do have to make sure that the car seat fits properly at the shoulders, too. There are so many things we, as parents, can't prevent. But we can do what we can, when presented with valuable, correct advice to keep our children safe as possible. I don't consider it being over-protective, when there is legitimate evidence stating (not to mention the new AAP recommendation) that your child is safest in a crash rear facing. So, keep those babies rear facing.. and if you've turned them forward facing but they are under the RF requirements... turn them back. It doesn't take long! I just want your babies to be safe!

5. Ladies, if you have ever had anything waxed you know how painful it can be. I found this video from a link the other night and laughed until I cried. It is so funny! This is one brave woman to actually do this on video. Her face is hilarious! And she should have read the instructions first!!! If you need a laugh go watch it!

Have a good weekend!