Friday, November 12, 2010

A Better Life - Part 1

Today, I'm taking it easy and trusting God. My mom is here helping do some things around the house. So, what better way to take it easy than to blog!

I was searching around my normal stops this morning... facebook, twitter, gmail.. and I read something that hit a place in my heart...

I read of a young mother who was thankful for the opportunity to go to college and make a better life for her family. And while I can understand what she's saying, it just hurt a bit.

It seems that we as a society seem to think a college degree, a successful career and money as the ingredients to 'a better life'. But where does this ideology come from? Is it biblical? I don't think so.

I'm just concerned that these days full time motherhood isn't even considered as noble or even an option. So often even before we think about marriage and a family we set ourselves up with a lifestyle that isn't compatible with a single income family. Then when children come along, rather than sacrifice, we just continue in the rat race to keep up with our lifestyle. It's even affected our decision to 'be fruitful and multiply'. I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss this week and the topic was children. They were talking about how Christians today are having less and less children. And this is effecting so many things.. socially and spiritually in the world we live in. We aren't fulfilling God's call and one of the top reasons is affordability. I was just baffled and saddened.

Is a better life really being away from our family 8-10 hours a day? Does having an abundance of nice things equal a better life?

I don't want to come across as ungracious. I am fully aware that often families have certain circumstances that keep them from this. But I'm also burdened that so many who have the option (and most do) don't seek out God's direction. And I fear it's because maybe they know what God would want, what God would have for them and their family. But maybe they aren't willing to follow so it's left ignored and not prayed about. The result: families aren't what they could be.

So, I'm praying that God will turn our hearts back to Him... back to following His heart for our families.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I want to share my struggles with being at home, even though the Hubs and I decided I would stay at home before we had children. There is often a battle in my mind between what God wants and the world's pull.


Jessica said...

I often think on these things too...So often I hear things like "what a waste to have a college degree and just stay at home" I do not feel it is a waste at all. But that is a whole nother story...

I also have been meaning to comment on your previous post about memorizing scripture. A few years ago we had a women's conference and Janet Pope (I think that is her name) spoke to us about memorizing scripture (she is amazing!) SO I tried...well I did memorize some of Titus, but did not finish (I really need to get back on that) so anyway, I said all that to say I think I have her book if you would like to borrow it =)