Sunday, June 5, 2011

Today You Are Five!!!

Luke, today you are FIVE! A whole hand full of fingers! Time has flown and my heart is full! What a gift you are!

How I love that boy above.

Luke's Favorite Things:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse first thing in the morning
Imagination Movers
Riding his bike
Playing with friends
Building lairs for his super heroes to hide out in
Making up games and explaining them in detail (LOTS of detail!)
Going to church to see his friends
Sleeping with his stuffed monkey
Drawing pictures and dictating the story line to me to make books
Mommy's Pancakes
Playing ball with Daddy
Family movie night with pop corn
Figuring out how things work
Getting up early! (much earlier than Eli!)

I can't believe it's time for Kindergarten! I'm so looking forward to our first year of home school! You are so smart and I can't wait to watch you learn more!

My prayer for you today and always, my dear, is that God would draw you near, that God will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you (Ezekiel 3:26). And may God give me strength (and always much grace) to show you that Christ is all... He is everything.

I love you, love you!



Jessica said...

precious, precious post...
Happy 5th Birthday to Luke! He is such a sweet littly boy.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Luke!!