Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 11/7/11

Are you ready for a new week? I sure am! And looky at the top ^, I figured out how to add pages! I'm still working on adding my recipes but hopefully in a few days you'll be able to find all of my recipes easier. I have a few more helpful pages in the works too! I mentioned last week that I've been feeling sluggish and just plain yucky. I think I'm in need of doing something about it! So, click over here and see what it is!

Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole, Green Peas

Pancakes, Bacon, Baked Apples

Chili and Corn Bread

Italian Roast Wraps (I haven't looked but I'm praying there's a roast in the freezer!), Easy Garlic Broccoli, Honey Roasted Carrots

Beef and Noodles, Green Beans, Corn

The Spinach Chicken Pasta was great! Luke didn't touch it and Eli picked the noodles and pasta out! And that's about what I expected. I loved it and it was great the next day too! You might want to also check out my recipe for Sausage Balls that uses whole wheat flour!

Check out OrgJunkie for more menu planning and recipe ideas!


Jessica said...

sounds yummy!!
I am gonna have to give the creamy chicken casserole a try! =)
thanks for sharing

Lisa said...

I love your menus!! I need to figure out how to add pages to the top too.