Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luke turns SIX!

Look at that sweet little face! 

Can you even believe this little guy is SIX! Me either! Look at the handsome little boy he's turning into!

We celebrated twice because that's how we do it! Since his birthday was on a Tuesday we had cake and he got to open presents from us and his grandparents. Everybody should get to celebrate on the actual day, right? Then we celebrated with more family and friends on Saturday for his party. We decided to do something different this year and asked all of our guests on Saturday to not bring a gift.  Luke was a little upset at first but accepted it. We are trying to curb the little materialist we have on our hands. We want him to learn to value people more than things! And do you know what? He had a GREAT day! He didn't once mention presents! He really enjoyed the most valuable, tangible thing we have, our friends and family! Here are a few photos from that day:


Luke having fun squirting a friend at the party!

Getting ready to blow out his #6 candle on his Millennium Falcon cake! 

This was actually after the party. The boys just played and played all day long!

And this next picture needs a little more explanation. After the party the whole family went to some friends of ours 5K fundraiser run for their adoption. The Hubs ran and did great. I helped out by pointing! Haha! The boys hung out and played with all of the kids. After the race Luke was upset that he didn't get to run in the 1 mile fun run, so he, Eli and a few others had their own race around the church. Well, Luke tripped on something and hit the cement! It scared me so bad! It turned out he was fine (took a little trip to the ER because neither of us saw him hit the ground and he had a pretty nasty knot on his forehead) but he was pretty scraped up. His face already looks so much better! I took this the next day before church.

My sweet boys face!

It's healing so well though....

This was taken yesterday, a little over a week after the accident! 

Happy, Happy Birthday my little guy! What an amazing little boy you are!