Monday, October 15, 2007

Pigs and slop buckets..

Oh, there are always so many things on my mind. So much to say and so little time to say it in.

~Who goes to hell? Those who have broken God's law. (Exodus Chapter 20) Um.. and that would be everyone... with one exception.. read on for it...

~Why must God send people to hell? Because all humans have broken His law. God is a just and right God. (The fact that He is Almighty God is good enough for me!) Think about it this way.... if I committed a crime, say murder, and I stood before the judge and pleaded with him, saying it was my first and only offense and that I would never do it again... Would this judge be a just and right judge if he let me go free? Of course not... it would be an outrage! God being just and righteous can not do that with us for breaking His law. He has every right to send every human being to the pits of hell.

We (the human race) are not good! We are not the slightest bit good! We are evil to the very core! The standard we are put up against is Jesus Christ... God's Son... God in the flesh. Perfect and holy. How can we even think for a second that we are good? But, unfortunately (and assuredly) most people think they are good. Why? Pride (sin). Morality has nothing to do with it. An upright moral life can't hold a candle to the sinless, spotless Lamb of God. A person can be the most good and moral person but end up in hell for eternity because they missed it.
Most are quick to point out others flaws but find it hard to admit their own. Another point is just that sin is not looked at as a bad thing anymore. The world (and church) has been desensitized to sin. It's no big deal.

Lost people do not see the need for a Savior... because they do not think they are lost.

So, our jobs as Christians is to help others see their need for a Savior. Point them to the law. Let them see how they have broken the law and their destiny is hell for an eternity.

~Who goes to heaven? Those who have realized their sin problem.. that they have broken God's law. They are genuinly remorseful and convicted over their sin. God deals with them. A person must be broken over their sin when they come to Christ. Not only are they convicted & broken but they repent. They turn from their sin and put on the person of Jesus Christ. They put their faith and trust in Him for their eternal salvation.
Most people just think it's that last sentence... trust... but it's much more.
From that day on that person will be different... act different.. even look different. When the Holy Spirit of God enters you, you are NEVER the same! NEVER!! Can you mess up? Of course. Will you mess up? Of course! But you will not wallow in sin like a pig does in slop! What kind of parent would God be if He allowed His child to wallow in slop (sin). God watches over His children. So, if a person falls into the slop bucket and decides to stay their for a while... well, I might be wondering who their father really is....
More on this tomorrow. I'm beat....


Maryjane said...

Amen to that! Thanks for the kind words on my blog, by the way.

So did your husband order a million gospel tracts to hand out on Halloween like my husband did? 1500 of them! I don't know how he's going to hand all of those out, but he insists that he will! lol!