Monday, October 29, 2007


Today we sort of hit a milestone. Let me explain....
Luke is very regular.. if you know what I mean. Pretty much 15-30 minutes after he eats breakfast, it's time for a diaper change. Well, Luke had just eaten a yummy breakfast of blueberry waffle and banana. I was loading up some of his clothes in the washing machine and he was 'helping' me. All of a sudden he looked up at me and said, 'Poopoo'. He has said this before but it's usually during a diaper change, and he is usually repeating me. I thought, 'Wow, he is telling me that he pooped!' That in itself is something different than usual! So, I checked his diaper and it was clean. I waited a minute and all of a sudden I hear a grunt and look over to see that face. We all know that face! Sure enough, I checked him and it was definitly time to change his diaper. I cannot tell you how excited I was that Luke told me that he had to go poop! I had to call R and tell him! Now, I know he is no where near potty training but it's an exciting thing when your child can tell you he is about to poop. At least to a mommy it is!
You know your a mommy when the word 'poopoo' can make (or break) your day! :)


Sassy Amie said...

I think that he is a little ready! If he does it again, maybe sit him on his potty so he can start understanding the whole concept. Although I am no where near being a mom, I am so proud of Luke!!