Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm not even sure what to title this because it's so random!

Luke has a fever... which means we didn't sleep much last night. The Hubs was kicked to the couch because all 3 of us, plus my belly couldn't handle sleeping in one bed! It was better with just me and Luke, but not great! I have found that a fever with no other symptoms can mean lots of different things and I'm just hoping that it's one of the things that doesn't require a doctor's visit later on. He's been playing like normal and eating well.. so we're good... so far!
One of Luke's new favorite things to do now is ask me, "How you doin' Mommy?" Then I say, "I'm good. How are you doing Luke?" And he replies, "I'm goo-wad." I can't even begin to count how many times that conversation went on yesterday, over and over!
This weekend Luke spent some time with my mom and dad. The Hubs and I got to go to a movie by ourselves!! We had a great time being together! I know it will probably be a while before that is possible again but it is something that we try to make a priority (and will continue to try with 2 kiddos). It's important for a child to know that Mommy and Daddy care about one another and make each other a priority. I definitely think it gives them a great sense of security. The past 2 anniversaries that we've had, while having Luke, we've been able to get away. When he was just 4 months old we spent one night away and then last year we went to Helen, GA for 2 whole nights! It is hard to leave him but I think it's absolutely necessary in a marriage. Like I said, it's great for the child(ren). But it's also wonderful for the marriage relationship. I know the Hubs and I really look forward to nights like this past weekend. Having children is a full time job. It is the most wonderful and sometimes scary responsibility. Parents need time to reconnect and relax, even if it's just a movie, take out Mexican food and a morning to sleep in! This year we will probably skip the mini 'get-away' since we will have a 6 wk old on our anniversary but we might can get away for 2 hours to have dinner! I'm sure 2 hours alone will be needed by then! :)
That was sort of a mini-ramble because the point of my story was to tell you something cute Luke said this weekend... The Hubs and I came out to my moms to eat dinner and pick up Luke Friday night. We decided to go ahead and get Luke bathed and pj's on before we left since we knew he'd be out by the time we drove the hour home. Well, after his bath I was getting him dressed while my mom entertained him. We call Luke's bottom his booty. As you know, with toddlers, many words don't come out exactly how they are suppose to. So, when Luke says booty, it comes out 'booby'. (Which is funny in itself!) One thing we've been dealing with here lately is Luke calling everything his, whether it is or not. He will say, 'my car', 'my milk', 'my house' and on and on. You might can see where this is going. As I started to put on the diaper, which Luke wasn't happy about, he started saying, "My booby, my booby!" My mom just looked at me like, WHAT is he saying?? So, I had to explain that his booby is in fact his booty! Hahah! It was so funny because he kept saying it over and over!!! I absolutely love the age that he is at because he is saying so much! And some of it is just so funny! I love every minute of watching him grow!
Well, speaking of every minute... time is passing and he is sleeping... and I should be to, considering last night and another possible repeat tonight! Please send prayers our way for a healthy little boy!


Sassy Amie said...

Haha! His "booby". That is too funny Crystal..

Okay so the pediatric nurse is coming out.. Has Luke has any symptoms with his fever? Besides last night, has he been acting normal?? What made you check this temp in the first place? I am at work right now and your post definitely had me put on the "RN" hat :o)

Crystal said...

He had no other symptoms with his fever at all. He acted completely normal all day long. He ate well and drank lots of fluids and even played really good. Oh, and I checked his temp for the first time Tuesday night because he felt warm to me.
Thankfully this morning he was fever free though! It spiked last night at 103.7 but was normal at 2 am and this morning at 8:30am. The last time he had any Tylenol was at 2 so it should have gone back up by 8:30am if he was still feverish. Tuesday night it didn't break at all. When I talked to the nurse at his pedi's office yesterday she said that there has been a virus going around that the only symptom is a fever and it lasts for 2 or 3 days. So, I guess that's what he had? Hopefully it's gone!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

We feel the same way about getting away together and having some grown up time. Nathan was 4 weeks old when we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. My mom reserved a room at a nice hotel for us, came over and kept Nathan overnight and we go away together for a quick trip.

There is a reason that there is a Biblical way to prioritoze our lives...God, spouse, children. When we put God first, our marriages are stronger. When we put our spouses next, our children benefit from the example.


Misty said...

I completely agree about the importance of spending time with your spouse alone from the child(ren). I have an aunt and uncle who have four boys (two are twins) who as long as I can remember have always taken a mini-vacation for their anniversary. Their love for one another is evident to their children as well as the rest of the family. David and I definitely plan to model what they did in their own marriage. And we'll be happy to watch Luke and Eli for you and the Hubs to get away for at least dinner on your anniversary!

Luke's comments about his "booby" are hilarious! I can imagine your mom asking what he was saying! Luke is so precious to David and me. I am also glad to raed that he seems to be doing better. We missed you both last night.