Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ July 28

Well, this weeks menu is going to be very easy for me! And I am very happy about that! :)

We are having 'revival' (and I put that in quotations only because God brings revival... people do not... so technically it really shouldn't be called a revival until God shows up! And He is.. but more on that later) and we (the church) are feeding the evangelist and his wife. We are blessed to be on staff and because of that we get to eat with them! So guess what that means?? I don't have to cook dinner this week until Thursday! Here is my short menu for the week:

Tacos, rice (rolled over from last week)
Baked Chicken Parmesan Tenders, Corn, and Steamed Broccoli
Homemade Pizza (half cheese/half artichoke, mushroom and black olive), salad

When I make the chicken tenders I just bread them with seasoned panko bread crumbs (SOO much better than plain bread crumbs because they have no HFCS plus they taste better and crunchier) and Parmesan cheese.

New recipes from last week: The Noodle and Spinach Casserole was really good! It will probably be on my menu next week because I want to make 2 smaller pans and freeze one. The Chicken Parisienne was also really good, too. Instead of serving it with noodles, I served it with rice (since the Hubs was gone.. he hates rice! Crazy, I know!) & green beans. I also used light sour cream and the low fat cream of mushroom soup. So those are 2 dinners that I plan on keeping.

I've still got 2 more banana bread loaves to make this week since the bananas are on the verge of being inedible! I've got one in the freezer already and I'll probably freeze one of the two I make this week as well. The book I have claims that they will last 2-3 months in the freezer if properly wrapped so we will see how they do. It will be nice to have when Eli gets here. I'm also going to be cooking corn (Thanks, Misty) sometime today to freeze just because I know we won't get to it until the weekend. So, I'll still be cooking even though it won't be dinner!

Well be having the usual for lunches and breakfasts. My grocery list mainly consists of fruit, milk and the ingredients I need for the pizza so I will be saving lots of $$ this week too!

Ok, I've bored you enough with my food ramblings. Go visit and have a great week! :)


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

You make me so hungry when I read your menus!