Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten Thoughts

1. Robby starts his new job June 22nd!! Yay! God is so good! And even better he gets to go on vacation with us!! We had thought all along that he wouldn't get to go but the government just kept pushing things back! About a month ago I started praying that Robby would get to go on vacation with us since it was getting so close! God generously answered that prayer!

2. We leave Saturday for the BEACH! We'll be there for an entire week! I am so thankful for my parents! If it wasn't for their hard work (and daddy's overtime) this trip wouldn't be possible! I am so ready!

3. My sister is flying in Friday for the beach trip! Luke can't wait to see his Aunt B!! And I can't either! I miss her!

4. When we get back from the beach we will be getting ready to MOVE! Awesome story that I will tell you later. I just attempted to type it out but it was just too long and it deserves it's own post! :)

5. I have added cheese and cheese products back to my diet (a week and 2 days now). Not sure how it's going. So far, no blood in the diapers but Eli's been especially fussy! I do feel a little bump on his gums so that could be the reason for all of the fussing. We're also having nursing issues. He's totally not interested unless he's sleepy. I don't really think it's related though since he does nurse well before naps.

6. Eli's was dedicated at church this past Sunday. I want to talk a little more about that later too! It was so very special. He had been dedicated before but we really wanted a do-over. Sorry if that sounds weird but if you know our situation you understand. He was dedicated the week before the Hubs got fired. Not exactly memorable, so I'm just not counting it. Our pastor (now) did a fantastic job at explaining what a baby dedication is and charging us as parents to train up Elijah to become a great man of God. Oh that is my prayer! I'll elaborate more later.

7. I read this post yesterday and love the honesty in it. Thank you, Molly, for being a real person. I. love. it.

8. Read The Duggars: 20 and Counting not too long ago. I loved it. I learned a lot of things from The Duggars from discipline to organization tips. They are truly a family that seeks to honor God in all they do. They have challenged me in lots of areas.

9. I just recently started reading Spectacular Sins by John Piper. Loving it so far! Hopefully that among a few others will get read while on vacation! I'm taking To Die is Gain: The Triumph of John and Betty Stam, which is about two young missionaries who were killed in China. I also have a biography on Tozer that I need to find. All of these books are pretty short, which is what I need! Anyone have any other suggestions?

10. I'm seriously getting ready to lose some weight. It's time. I can do it but I have to get in the right frame of mind. And I'm almost there. After vacation my plan is: eat less, exercise more. :) Always works.


Jessica said...

So glad you guys are ALL getting to go on a vacation together!
Can not wait to hear more about the move.
The baby dedication Sunday was really good =)

DonnaK said...

Hey girl....I can't wait to hear more about your move either!!

Matthew just read Tortured for Christ. He got it off of the Voice of the Martyrs website ( I haven't read it yet, Matthew took it to our pastor Sunday, because he was preaching on persecution, so, I will be reading it when we get it back. I would like to read In the Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot (the biograghy of her husband, Jim Elliot).

Molly Flanagan said...

thanks girlie! my house is still a wreck. have sooooo much fun at the beach. i am beyond jealous!!!!

PW said...

Wow, a vacation all together. How nice. God's blessings on a great week. I'm glad you were able to do a 'do over' baby dedication, a good one that you can remember always. I know what you mean, though I can't find the words. lol

We're also in the midst of a move too.