Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today my Luke turns three. He is growing so fast and is getting so big! I can hardly believe that just three years ago around this time I was checking in to the hospital... anxious and excited about welcoming my first born into our family. Several hours would go by and then at 8:53 pm Luke Austin would enter this world and change our lives forever. He was a healthy little guy weighing 8 lbs and 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He was just perfect!

Now, Luke is a happy, funny, mischievous and strong-willed little boy. He loves anything with wheels or with a Thomas logo. He could play outside all day long, whether it be playing ball, riding his gator, playing in the sand or just swinging! I believe he would just sleep outside if we set him up a little tent! Inside, he often plays that he's going to work and he always remembers to take his lunch! He loves to cook with Mommy and play basketball with Daddy. He has really become a Daddy's boy especially since Eli came along. I'm thankful for that because I know how important Daddy's are for little boys!

Of course I pray for Luke daily, for many different things, but my most important prayer is that Luke would come to know Christ. I pray that God would draw him to salvation at an early age and that Luke's life will be driven by a deep desire to glorify God in all things. That is the most important thing, more than money, success, education and even health. May God receive glory through his life.

Happy Birthday my little man! I love you more than words!


Jessica said...

Sweet post for a very precious little boy!
Happy Birthday to Luke!!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

That is my prayer for him as well...Happy Birthday Luke!!


Kari Sanchez said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I can't believe they are 3!