Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My heart breaks tonight over this..

It's late but I have a lot on my mind. So much that I'm not even sure where to start this post. It may make absolutely no sense and in that case I apologize! I read something tonight that broke my heart. It wasn't anything really in particular. It was just the language of what was written. I fear that there are many Christians out there whose view of God is very distorted. Their view of salvation and the Bible is skewed by wrong teachings.. or maybe shallow teachings.. or lack of knowledge about the Scriptures.

God is sovereign over everything, including salvation. Often, in many churches, God is made out to be great and powerful but when it comes to salvation, emphasis is put on man. A picture is painted that God is up in heaven wringing His hands at the end of the service just waiting and hoping someone will say the sinner's prayer. Do we not know that God calls His children unto salvation? He is working out the plan, the beautiful gospel, that was laid before the foundation of the world. Yes, we are to proclaim it, preach it, teach it, share it! But it is His work!

Do we understand the gospel? In so many churches the same message is preached again and again. God changes those He saves, so then why are there so many people professing being a Christian but live like the world? Could it be that we've tried to do the work for God? There are many out there who see this type of lifestyle as a problem but have we stopped to question whether or not it's because of the message, or should I say method, that's been resounding from the pulpits? Is the way we do evangelism biblical? Do we share the gospel biblically? Better yet, do we understand the work of Christ in salvation and the grace that He gives? What has changed in our churches?? I've heard phrases such as, "Well, if they really meant it..." or "if they truly made a commitment to Christ...". Does anyone see a problem with this? We can't blame it on society or the fact that we're living in the 'end times'. Do we know our history? Do we know what the founders of our faith believed? And while these things are important, I can't help but hear screaming in my mind, do we know what His Word says?!?

The Bible is the gospel. It is life. It is truth. It is deep and mysterious. It interprets itself. It never contradicts. It is not a good idea.. it is the only idea. It is history from the very beginning of time to the very end of times. The Bible is the gospel. Every part of is screams JESUS!! And the beauty is that the message is always Jesus, it's always the gospel, but it is always diverse and deep in theology. Yet, most have shallow theology, shallow knowledge of the doctrines, if any. While many would deny, easy-believism is prevalent. I've been asked many times why these truths are so important. This is why. His grace, His marvelous grace is cheapened. His grace is cheapened when a person lives like the world yet claims to be a Christian. His grace is cheapened when the gospel message is watered down and the method and message preached and taught leads people to merely make decisions for Christ.

I'm going to end here. I'm sure there are some who are shocked by that last statement because maybe you made a 'decision' to follow Christ. Well, you'll just have to tune into part 2.

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Jessica said...

very well said...very true...
thank you for sharing your heart

Jami said...

Love it...looking forward to part 2!!