Friday, September 11, 2009

Part dos...

First let me ask you, do the dots on the background of my blog bother you when you're reading the post? The Hubs says it bothers his eyes. It doesn't bother mine but I could see where it might. Let me know if it does so I can change it!

For those of you who read my blog you know that these kinds of post are not my typical thing. I would love to post more on the deeper things of Christ and my walk with Him but I just don't have the time. It's much easier to type up a menu or jabber about the kids. These types of posts take time and deeper thinking.. two of while I am limited on!! I'm sure you Mommies out there can relate!

I would like start off by saying (as I know I've said before) that I base ALL my beliefs on God's Word. I don't know everything. Can I say that again.... I don't know everything!!! So, if you ever read anything that is contradicting to His Word, tell me and we'll look at what Scripture says about it. I ask that when you present your opinions and beliefs to me that you'll use Scripture to defend them as well. Our opinions and beliefs don't mean anything if they don't line up with Scripture. Also, do they line up with the whole counsel of God's word and the meaning of the particular text. I find that it's sometimes easy to find a verse or phrase to back up your beliefs but that verse or phrase may be taken out of context. Sadly this goes on from the pulpit. So, we must ask, when compared to the entire Word and taken contextually, what does that verse or phrase really mean?

I really learned all of that the hard way. Often times, especially if we've grown up in church, things are ingrained in us. And we 100% believe them with all our hearts. Those beliefs are a part of us. So, to find out that we are misreading Scripture is a shock. Sometimes to just find out what Scripture really says is a shock! Often, even for me in the beginning, we just dismiss it because we don't want to deal with it. It's one of those hard things. It's much easier to just say, but this is what I've been taught and I'm sure this is what the Bible says/means. Are we really sure?? Is it not better to lay aside some false truths that we've clung to, even earnestly and wholeheartedly, and follow Scripture? Because those truths, those real biblical truths are life. They make things new. I can't even express the clarity that God brought me in the past few years. I was thankful for my salvation before, no doubt, but as I continue to learn more of the doctrines of grace, Christ becomes more precious and God's Sovereignty in salvation becomes more majestic and glorious to me!

So, now for part 2.. haha! Just kidding. I think.

I really feel that so many people are being misled, sadly, from the pulpit of many churches. Many churches ignore the truth. And the shallow teachings in these churches are what lead people to merely make decisions for Christ. It's turned into a numbers game, a competition even.
And yes, I've heard numbers = people. And that is exactly right. But what does it matter if the majority of them are mislead?? Oh, but you still have those few who really 'decided' to follow Christ. I agree that God can call those even in those situations but what about those who are mislead? Whose fault is it? Guilt filled messages, shallow on gospel truths, are preached. Men and women are asked, "Does this make sense to you? Do you want to invite Jesus into your heart?". Then they are immediately given a prayer to recite. What is missing? The Holy Spirit? Godly sorrow? Repentance? Don't miss what I'm saying. God saves when and how He chooses. My fear is that so many are so quick to see emotionalism as real conviction. And I believe many genuinely have a desire to see the those who are lost, saved. But should we not use that zeal to be sure of the truths that we are teaching, proclaiming it boldly and allowing God to do His work?Maybe it would just be better if I allowed someone to share a story that explains what I'm talking about. Please watch it. I feel that this will make much more sense than anything I've said.

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Jessica said...

ok...just now getting a chance to post a comment...

this is a great post...I really have nothing to add or take away from it and the video....well that says it all. Thank you for sharing!

oh and I am glad that the dots are gone...they did make my eyes hurt a little

and thanks for the link...I saw it last week and tried to go through all of them...made it to 50 and had to stop...lots of yummo stuff on there though =)