Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Matters - Luke Edition

Taking a moment to journal a few things about the family this week...

Luke will be four in a month on June 5th! Wow. Four years old! This child is full of drama! Everything is a major deal to him! This is great when he gets excited about fun, happy, exciting things. But.. not so great when he's upset or something doesn't go his way! Just this morning he went nuts over the fact that his underwear didn't have two 'pockets'. He just noticed the little hole or 'pocket' as he calls it on his underwear for the first time today. Well, of course there should be two! He has two pockets in his blue jeans, right? Why not his underwear? And when I say, he "went nuts", I'm not talking just a little whiny over his one-pocketed underwear. I'm talking wailing over it. I am really having to control myself because to me it's ridiculous, but to him it's not. So, we've learned that in these types of situations (which happen frequently through out the day) we just have to let him calm down and then explain things to him. Once he understood why the 'pocket' was there, he understood why there was only one! HA! He's also very big into sequencing things. Like, first we're going to eat lunch, then Eli will take a nap, then we will play with play dough. Don't dare throw anything in the mix! It totally messes things up! Yesterday, after church the Hubs had told Luke they would clean the van out together, after Eli got to sleep. Well, I was taking Eli to rock him and the Hubs was getting his lunch (he was on the phone while we ate). It just really messed with Luke that it wasn't lunch, Eli nap, clean van. He'd already eaten so why in the world did Daddy have to throw a curve in their plans by eating while Eli napped?! Oh me. At the same time, Luke is a very reasonable child. It's just that he needs to understand things. He's very inquisitive. He asks a lot of questions and loves to know how things work and what things do. He's learning (the hard way) to pick up his toys and clean his room. He's having to learn responsibility and the importance of taking care of things. This isn't always easy but we're learning. He's typically very polite and says please, thank you, and you're welcome. He loves to play with other kids and really wishes that Eli would play with him . (Too bad Eli isn't at that stage yet!)

Right now, he's really into the Magic School Bus DVD's! I love that he loves these educational shows. It feeds his curious mind! Of course he still loves to watch Blue's Clues, Toy Story, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, too! I really have to keep a watch on his TV and movie watching (he LOVES it!). Even during 'no TV' time when the boys are playing, Luke will pop a DVD in on his own. He is getting better about asking me though! He loves to pretend playing store, cars, restaurant, etc. He also loves to cook with me, do crafts and make things!

I am proud to say that he has been diaper/pull up free for 2 and a half weeks now! WOO HOO! I honestly thought this day might never come! We are still on medication, a few times a week, to keep things regular. We've had a few accidents but not many! And he's sleeping all through the night completely dry! He's doing great!

Well, that's about all that's going on with Luke right now! Here's a sweet picture of him after we finished doing a craft! I love him so much I could burst!


Jessica said...

Cute post =)

I love that little boy...he is precious!

Anonymous said...

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