Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whew, what a week!

Last week was a doozy! It started with Eli being sick weekend before last. He began with running a fever and having a little congestion. Sunday he sounded worse and had a little cough. Monday he was worse, but I waited. Well Tuesday he woke up and was still worse, and had a little drainage coming from his ears (TMI, I know!) but that's not necessarily a bad thing. His tubes were made to do that. But it did give me a clue that he had a lot of gunk backed up in there! So, I called and set them up an apt for Wednesday afternoon. Well, they both got a shot and zpack. (Bronchitis/sinus infection) I was told to continue breathing treatments, too. I had started them Tuesday after speaking with the nurse. I'm so glad we bought the nebulizer and keep albuteral on hand! On Tuesday, I also started feeling yucky. And by Wednesday I knew I needed to see the Dr as well. I've told you all before when I get a sinus infection, it hits me like a ton of bricks! So by the time we got home Wed afternoon, I was miserable!! The Hubs had his last final Wed night so I couldn't go to the Dr until he got home. So, I got to the after hours Dr at 7pm! Well, I waited and waited and finally went back around 8pm. The nurse took a while getting my pulse and when she took me to my room she told me to lay down and wait on someone to check my pulse again.. because it was up around 120. This of course freaked me out, so I called the Hubs! I asked him to come sit with me! I knew he'd have to bring the boys but I really wanted him with me. I'm so glad he doesn't think my anxieties are silly! I hate going to the Dr by myself. I get so nervous! And that, along with me being a little dehydrated is probably what made my pulse go up. It did drop, still a little high but not as high. Anyway, on the way the Hubs called Gram and Grandad and they picked up the boys. (Thank you!) I just figured they would stay with us but it ended up being better because we didn't leave the Dr until 9:30pm! I got a shot and some strong antibiotics! I'm feeling much better but still not quite 100%! SO.. needless to say we didn't do anything last week! No cooking, no crafts.. just wiping snotty noses.. resting.. and watching movies. And my house.. oh me. It is starting to look better but it just went by the wayside!

Although I didn't cook after Monday night, what I did cook was a new 'recipe'. I made Italian Roast Wraps Monday night. They were so yummy and so easy!! What a great way to use a roast! I love the usual roast w/ carrots and potatoes but you have to admit that sometimes it's nice to do something different! Next time I'll try it with homemade taco seasoning mix for a different flavor!

In weight loss news, there isn't much. I didn't weigh Friday morning but I did get an 'official weigh' at the Drs Wednesday night and it was the same as last week. I'm just stuck but glad I haven't gained any back! With the bathroom remodel and being sick, it's been 3 weeks since I've done any kind of exercising! Hopefully this week I can get some in!!