Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change Me

I've been thinking a lot about my blog here lately and wondering what God would have me to write about. I'm still not sure exactly but this post I read today has encouraged me to continue blogging and sharing. I'm praying that God will sharpen my focus though. I need sharpening in so many ways.

Speaking of that, one journey that I'm on.. okay, so I just started tonight... is Scripture memory. Oh yes, I've memorized a verse here.. a verse there. And of course the verses that the boys learn. But I want to know God. Deeply. So, I must know His Word.

What convicted and compelled me to do something about this lack of discipline in my life were these two posts. Go read them! I am new to A Holy Experience, but I promise you Ann Voskamp posts will captivate you. She is so full of grace and God. It is definitely good use of computer time.

So, I want to memorize Psalm 139. I'm not sure why, I just feel like that's where I need to start.

I want His Words to pierce my heart, change me, sanctify me. And I know they will if I let them. If I let them.

Here is a great short video by John Piper. He gives 8 reason why we should memorize Scripture. My favorite is the last. That is my desire.


Muthering Heights said...

I adore both Ann and John Piper...they are both so inspiring!