Sunday, December 12, 2010

Letter N

WOW! It's has been FOREVER since I have posted our letter projects. In fact Letter N is from way back in September! I'm going to try and catch up on our letter of the week posts over the next two weeks so bear with me! I'm going to have to use pictures to help me remember all that we did!

N is for Numbers!

And Noodles!

Luke also worked in his Kumon Uppercase Workbook and did Homeschool Creations Letter N Collage!

Luke made some snack mix that was full of yummy things.. especially Nuts! We talked about different kinds of nuts and how good they are for you!

He also did some cutting practice! He is really improving!

And we found this old and funny book about Noses at the library! Each page has a picture of a nose and you have to figure out what animal goes with the nose! We also read some different books about the sense of smell and how our nose works!

Our favorite part of the week was making these cute little bird's Nests from Mama Jenn's blog!

And then we made N is for Nest from Totally Tots!

Letter N was FUNNNN! :)