Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top Blogs of 2010

We're spending New Year's Eve with my parents and my sister. My mom had a fall almost 2 weeks ago and hurt her leg. She started having some complications and had to go to the ER today to check for a blood clot. Praise God there was no clot! She does have the beginnings of cellulitis and was given strict orders to stay off of her feet and keep her leg elevated above her heart! Hmm.. seems like someone has told her that already!??! ;) Please keep her in your prayers that she will completely heal!!

So, I thought that as we all sit around and watch the ball drop I'd share my top favorite blogs! I can promise that reading these blogs will be a good use of your time on the internet! So, in no particular order:

1. Women Living Well by Courtney. Courtney writes great posts on family and marriage. She also post some great video blogs! Her friendliness and sincerity comes through in her posts! I have been so encouraged by her!

2. Grace is For Sinners by Serena Woods. Serena is a must read. She shares honestly and beautifully God's message of grace for sinners through her own story. Her words to Christians on giving grace to others have challenged and changed me. I have learned so much by reading her story and her words. I can't wait to get her book!

3. Like a Warm Cup of Coffee by Sarah Mae. Sarah Mae is the first of many new blogs that I began reading several months ago. Not only do I love reading her words, she introduced me to so many new fantastic bloggers! She is open and honest about her walk with Christ and it is so refreshing. She is business savvy and offers awesome blogging consulting services! Check her out!

4. A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp. Ann's blog is food for my soul. It is evident through her writings that she has truly been given a gift from God. I am captivated by the artistry and beauty in each post. Her words ooze grace. She has new book too.. and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

5. Stay at Home Missionary by Joy. I am fairly new to Joy's blog but I so enjoy reading about her life as a stay at home mom in another country. She is such a godly example to me. Her posts are so uplifting.

6. Love Well by Kelly. I have been reading Kelly for some time. I actually remember when I first started reading. Her sweet baby girl Teyla had just been born! That was almost 3 years ago! Kelly weaves wonderful words together about her faith and family. She is real and I like that.

7. The Crow Family by Jessica. Jessica is a real life friend. She is even more precious in real life than on her blog! Right now her hubby is serving over seas on his 3rd deployment. She encourages other military wives through her blog and is an inspiration to me! The faith she has in God is evident! :)

8. I Take Joy by Sally Clarkson. Sally is a HUGE encouragement to me in the area of mothering! I have read her book The Mission of Motherhood (which is a MUST read by ALL mothers) and I read her blog regularly. She is such a godly example. She shares amazing advice that comes from years of mothering. Her words have driven me to seek God in my pursuit of being a godly mother to my children. I just truly can't say the impact she's made in my life!

9. 10 Million Miles by Laura. I have just started reading Laura too! I found her through the Raising Homemakers blog (another great blog by various writers started by Sarah Mae). She gives great parenting and homemaking advice. Her two girls are precious! She's encouraged me with her Family Fun Friday posts and right now she has a great Blogging for Your Life series going on!

10. Time Warp Wife by Darlene Schatch. Darlene gives wonderful posts about what it means to be a godly wife and mother. Her advice ranges from how to be a better helper to your husband to how to set up a weekly cleaning schedule to keep your home in order. Love her blog!

What are some of your favorite blogs? I truly am thankful for these bloggers. God has used each of these blogs to encourage, convict, and challenge me. They have made me laugh and cry. I am thankful for their words. Blogging can truly make a difference. Words can make a difference for the kingdom! Be blessed!


Muthering Heights said...

I'm a big fan of most of those too! :)

Darlene Schacht said...

I'm so surprised to see my name there. Humbled and grateful to be listed with such amazing women. Thank you!!