Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Things have been a little out of the ordinary around here (in many ways!) the past few days! So, in celebration here are a few silly pictures of the kids!

I was attempting to take some cute pictures of the boys in front of the tree...

I am busy at the stove just cooking away and then I turn around to find this:

(That, by the way, is a whole bottle of sage and a brand new bottle of basil!! He had been 'playing' with some tupperware... I guess he decided he wanted to cook too!)

Next, Luke asked me if he could dress up in his suit he wore for Aunt Kelsey's wedding. He said he was going to play preacher. Then he got a stool and preached to me! :)

And last, here are my two munchkins wearing two new vests that I got for Christmas early. I've never been into the puffy vests but I'm liking them this year. I haven't completely decided on the pink one. The boys look so funny in them!

Have a great Christmas week!


Jessica said...

awe...that post made me smile ;)
Such cute little "silly" boys you have
Merry Christmas!!!