Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday! (Links for you!)

I'm enjoying some quiet right now (it's really blissful!) and wanted to share a few links that I came across this week. I hope you enjoy!

~ Quiet Times for Desperate Mothers at Raising Homemakers. This post is written by Arabah Joy, one of my favorite bloggers (seriously, please check her blog out!)! I really love her thoughts on quiet times! She says, "Don’t underestimate the small things! You can take a passage, a phrase, or even a single word and meditate on it all day long. God changes our thinking and deepens our understanding through meditation. "

~ School ADD isn't Homeschool ADD - This is a fantastic article on a real life experience of a child labeled with ADD. It's fantastic, no matter what you're schooling choices are to see these kinds of perspectives! Every child is different and learns differently. Think outside the box! 

~ Organized Simplicity (the kindle version) is FREE right now on Amazon. I got it and started reading it yesterday! I'm really loving it so far! It goes along perfectly with my goal to live a more simplified life!

~  What's the Answer to Anxiety? You all know my love for Ann Voskamp. I could post any of her posts here because they are all good but this was my favorite. Oh ok, and this one too.

Have a great weekend!