Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday, January 16

New week,  new menu! This one is going to be a little short because we had family in town this weekend and had our Christmas with them... well, Thankmas. That's what we call it! Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one.. get it? Anyways, we had dinner Friday and Saturday nights and then leftovers tonight (remember, my menus go from Fri-Thurs)! Yum! Tomorrow night we're having dinner at my parents! So, here's my plan:

Favorite Pancakes & fruit (x2)
Scrambled eggs, toast & fruit (x3)
Giant Breakfast Cookies & fruit(x2)

Mini Pizzas(these went over really well this week.. sandwich thins with pizza sauce & cheese) & carrots (x2)
PB&J & peas (x4)
Annie's Mac and Cheese (had a coupon) & Veggie
(Salads & leftovers for me!)

Italian Roast Wraps & green beans (didn't use my roast last week because I'm having crock pot issues, but hopefully I can resolve that this week. I made beef stew instead because I found a pack of stew meat.)
Vegetable Soup (w/ leftover roast) and corn muffins
Spaghetti, Salad 

Pop Corn
Chips and Salsa

Recipe Review: Last week I made this Chicken Lo Mein recipe. It was super easy and super good! I used whole wheat linguine noodles and a bag of frozen stir fry mix! Surprisingly, both of the boys liked it! It will definitely be made again in the near future! Also, I made Pioneer Woman's Dreamy Apple Pie for Thankmas and it was so good! I used a store bought crust.. one day I'll make my own!

Budget update: I went over my budget $14.57. I'm okay with that but am going to work hard at doing better next time! :)

Check out Orgjunkie for more menu planning ideas!


Jessica said...

menu sounds good as usual :)

Katie said...

You can never go wrong with mini pizzas! Everything on your plan sounds good. Hope you enjoyed your company.