Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Week of 1st Grade

My handsome first grader!

We survived our first week of school! Everything went well, though we had a few bumps along the road. The first day went great! Luke enjoyed everything! He even told me I was the best teacher ever. Then Tuesday, I told him it was time for school and he complained. It was fun for one day, right? We worked through that though and by Thursday no more complaining. He really enjoys it once we get going. He just doesn't enjoy having to stop playing to do school. I know the change in routine will take some getting use to! So, our schedule has been kind of wonky but our perfect school day would look like this:

7:30-8:00am~ wake up
8 am~ breakfast
8:30am~ brush teeth and get dressed (going to add a chore or two to this once we get going)
9:00am~ play time (they also get to watch one tv show if they choose to, if it's nice they play outside)
10:00am~ school
10:45am~ snack
11:00am~ school
12:30am~ lunch

Remember that's the perfect day and no day is perfect. We loosely followed this schedule this week. After lunch we run errands, go to the library, play outside/inside, or finish any school work that didn't get finished. And sometimes if I'm tired, the boys watch a movie while I nap! Which happened several times this week. I am still feeling kind of yucky most days and especially tired. This week with school starting I was more worn out than ever. By about 2pm, all I could do was lay down. I also had a lot of afternoon headaches. Hopefully that will all pass soon!

Here are a few pictures from the week. I didn't take as many as I planned to!

We talked about the 7 continents on Monday and Luke and I put each name where they are located on the earth.

Here is Eli having his snack... contemplating something serious it looks like!

And Luke, probably talking about Star Wars!

On Friday, we read Psalm 18:1-6 and talked about how God is our shield! Then we made these really cool shields. They were a big hit!

Last year we took Luke out to breakfast on his first day of school. This year that wasn't possible for numerous reasons, so we took him out to lunch to celebrate his first week of first grade! He picked Cracker Barrel and of course had pancakes!

I'm looking forward to watching Luke learn and grow this year. I'm also looking forward to more energy in the coming weeks (please, Lord!). :)