Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick Preggo Update - 12 Weeks

I had my 2nd prenatal visit yesterday. It's always a little nerve racking when you know they are going to be searching for that heartbeat! I had prayed and prayed that this little person's heart would be easy to find and sure enough, it was. It only took about a minute for the nurse to pick it up. It was beating at 160 beats per minute. Hearing that sound is music to my ears. I just absolutely love this baby so much!

I did get to talk to my Dr about the VBAC which I had been praying about. It went surprisingly well! He was very positive about me being able to attempt a VBA2C after hearing about my labor/birth with Eli. I told him that I still wasn't 100% confident in what God wanted me to do and that we still needed time to pray over it. He encouraged me to do that and let him know what we decide. We have plenty of time! I was really encouraged by this visit and my Dr's response. I'm continuing to pray that God will give us clear direction and wisdom about the delivery of this baby. I'm trusting He will. I was also told that I can take cranberry pills instead of drinking that vile cranberry juice. That was music to my ears as well! Dr also wants me to drink a gallon of water a day. A gallon. 128 ounces! Seriously, that's a lot of water. I'm trying though because I don't want to have to take more antibiotics!

At 12 weeks, I was hoping I'd feel better but I still feel pretty yucky. I'm praying it eases up soon. I could really use some energy since we started school this week. By about 3 pm I'm completely worn out and pretty much can't do anything but lay down. So pray with me, friends.

God is good and I am abundantly blessed.