Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Molars... UGH!

I HATE molars! Right now we have 3 pesky, giant molars trying to make their way through Luke's gums! 3... at the same time! They have ALL 3 been coming in for about a week and a half now. ALL at different rates so of course one is hurting him at all times. How do I know they are hurting him since he can't really tell me, you ask? Well, first off, is the obvious drip of drool that is constantly hanging from his mouth. 2nd is that he will occasionally tug his ear or hit the side of his cheek with his fist... or even bite his cheeks.. or chew on his fingers. And lets not forget the most recent: snotty nose. But aside from the physically apparent signs..... He is SO cranky! Everything is 'Uhhhhhhh' also accompanied by the repetitive "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.....' Sometimes I want to pull my hair out... seriously. On the brighter side, maybe it's better that they are all coming in at once. Surely it would be more drawn out if they were coming in at separate times. I know it must hurt... it definitely looks like it hurts. I mean these are giant, adult teeth trying to squeeze and work their way through my baby's gums. Bless his heart! (and mine too!)....

OK, I feel better.... just had to rant a minute.... :)