Monday, April 21, 2008

My 100th Post - 100 Things About Me!

Happy 100th Post Day to me!

I started this whole fabulous blog back in September of 2007. Why, you ask? Well, I'm not really sure. I enjoyed reading blogs (and still do!) and so I thought this would be a good way to journal my life. I've never been the type to keep a written journal but for some reason this is just easier for me. Who knows why, but it is. One of my main reasons is of course, to keep records of what Luke (and future children) are doing. I'll be able to look back and read things about what they were doing at a certain parts of their lives. The blog also helps keep me organized, but ONLY with my menu planning.. don't even ask me about the rest of my organizational skills because there aren't any! And lastly, I love to blog about my Savior and my walk with Him! I kind of randomly post things, whatever may be on my mind, or in my heart for that day. One day may be all about Luke, one day may be a good recipe I found and one day may be about something I've learned in my quiet time. I hope those that stop by enjoy it though!
My first post is actually one of my favorite posts and I hope that some of you that have never read it will go back and do so. It's basically my written testimony. It really is the key to who I am at this moment and who I will forever be. Praise God for calling me to His Son! Click here to read it.
Now, as I have seen around the bloggy world, I'm suppose to post 100 things about me for my 100th post. So, I've been making a list... hopefully it won't be too boring for you. :) Here they are:

  1. My name is Crystal (ok, this is a shameless gimmy, but 100 things are hard to come up with).
  2. I'm 26 years old, born October 22, 1981.
  3. I've been married to my best friend for 3 1/2 years.
  4. We will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on October 16th of this year!
  5. Our wedding day was just how I imagined! It was a beautiful day!
  6. We went to Savannah, GA for our honeymoon and stayed in a cute little carriage house. I hope we can go back soon!
  7. My husband is an amazing man! I am so blessed! (On the blog, he is referred to as R)
  8. I have one, sweet little boy named Luke.
  9. Luke is 22 months old.
  10. He was born June 5, 2006, weighing in at 8 lbs and 8 oz and 20.5 inches long!
  11. I labored almost 12 hours but when I started to push his heart rate began to drop and wouldn't recover, therefore resulting in a c-section.
  12. He was worth every minute of it.
  13. I am a stay at home mom.
  14. I'm 21 weeks pregnant.
  15. My due date is August 29, 2008.
  16. I'm praying for a successful VBAC.
  17. Before I quit work in April of 2006, I was a nail technician and esthetician.
  18. I love being a wife and a mother and devoting my life solely to the work God has called me to do.
  19. I know I would be disobedient to God if I worked outside the home.
  20. I started going to church with my family when I was about 8 years old.
  21. I was 'dunked' at the ages of 10 and 16 but wasn't truly converted until I was 20.
  22. God saved me at home one night, in my bed, alone.
  23. I haven't been the same since that day. Jesus forever changed me.
  24. I am deeply burdened by those who profess Christianity but do not have a supernaturally changed life.
  25. I believe that some of today's 'modern' attempts at sharing the gospel is the very cause of the false assurance that so many trust in.
  26. I believe in the sufficiency of God in salvation. He does not need our help. He will do the work as long as we are faithful to share His truth.
  27. I believe that we should follow Jesus' example at sharing the gospel.
  28. I am pro life.
  29. I volunteer at a pregnancy resource center a few times a month.
  30. Volunteer pregnancy counseling is a way for me to purposefully share my faith.
  31. I love grocery shopping at Publix.
  32. Publix is a thirty minute drive from my house.
  33. Any decent restaurant or grocery store is a thirty minute drive from my house.
  34. I do not like Walmart but occasionally shop there.
  35. I sleep with chap stick under my pillow.
  36. I love Propel Fitness water- the lemon flavor.
  37. I love Diet Coke but have only had three since I have been pregnant. And yes, I do remember each and every one of those three.. they were wonderful.
  38. I'm reading through the book of Isaiah.
  39. I love Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki subs with: lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapenos, black olives and salt and pepper. YUM.
  40. My parents have been married for 28 years.
  41. I have one younger sister.
  42. She is in China, serving as a missionary.
  43. I am SOOO excited that she will be home in June.
  44. I am very proud of my sister.
  45. When we moved a year ago, I gave away the first pet that was really mine. He was a dog (half Pomeranian/half shi tzu), named Toby and I often wonder how he is doing.
  46. My favorite colors are pink and orange.
  47. My favorite musicians are Natalie Grant and Shawn McDonald.
  48. I am afraid of whales.. they freak me out. They are just too big.
  49. I am disorganized.
  50. My closet is always a mess.
  51. I like to scrapbook but rarely find/make time to do it.
  52. I love sitting next to my hubby on the couch!
  53. I love to bake.
  54. I rarely do dishes after supper.
  55. I always do dishes after breakfast.
  56. I am thrilled that baby #2 is going to be a boy!
  57. His name will be Elijah Chandler.
  58. We'll call him Eli.
  59. It's bothered me that some seem disappointed that it's a boy and not a girl.
  60. I am a night owl.
  61. I sometimes wish that I was more outgoing.
  62. I have to remind myself to be comfy with my own personality.
  63. I love taking naps but usually feel awful after I take one.
  64. I have never understood driving at hour to go out to eat, just for the food or the restaurant.
  65. I love ice cream.
  66. I imagined that my house would be spotless once I became a stay at home mom.
  67. My house is rarely spotless or even close to being spotless.
  68. I have learned that laundry and dishes can wait but my son growing up will not.
  69. I have groceries in the kitchen that need to be put away.
  70. I do not have a green thumb.
  71. I don't even have a brown thumb, it's more like BLACK.
  72. I don't mind though because digging in the dirt is not my cup of tea.
  73. My husband is an associate pastor/youth minister.
  74. We live in the parsonage.
  75. I love that he works right next door.
  76. I am not looking forward to this HOT summer.
  77. I will be keeping my pregnant self inside in the AC most of the time, I'm sure.
  78. I have lived in the south my whole life.
  79. I am a huge Crimson Tide fan.
  80. I reluctantly bought a maternity bathing suit last week.
  81. I have decided that I don't care what people think about my huge belly this summer, I'm going swimming!
  82. I do not own a brush; I only use picks/wide combs for my hair.
  83. My hair is straight as a board.
  84. My favorite Bath and Body scent for all seasons is Cotton Blossom.
  85. I love Mango Mandarin for summer.
  86. Suave Natural Oatmeal lotion is a must for me after every shower.
  87. I have never been out of the country and don't really have a desire to.
  88. I teach 10-12 grade girls in Sunday School.
  89. I truly love studying and teaching God's Word.
  90. Vinegar and baking soda are my household cleaners of choice. They are cheap and safe.
  91. I'm having a hard time thinking of 10 last things to say!
  92. I hate scary movies.
  93. We (R & I) haven't seen an R rated movie (besides The Passion) in probably 6 years. We made a commitment when we started dating to stay away from them.
  94. R's words right before he proposed we're, "Ok, let me do this before I throw up."
  95. It was very romantic.
  96. Seriously, he asked me in the middle of a garden, with balloons and roses and rose petals all around. It was sweet! And he was very nervous! :)
  97. My first car was a 1996 black 2-door Saturn.
  98. My least favorite chore is cleaning the bath tub.
  99. I do not have a most favorite chore. I actually dislike them all.
  100. I am going to put up the groceries as soon as I click 'Publish Post".

Well, there you have it. I wish I had a reward for those of you who actually made it through all 100! I included some links to some of my favorite posts in there too. Now, it's time go get busy! Have a great afternoon!


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

The chapstick under your pillow made me laugh! I sleep with one on my bedside table, but I may convert...LOL!

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Anonymous said...

So, the post before this said the same thing I was going to say about the chapstick! LOL I keep it beside the bed and use it everytime I wake up at night. I enjoyed reading this as I always do!

DonnaK said..., I also loved the chapstick made me laugh outloud! Congratulations on your 100th post!! I love reading your blog! I check it everyday! I am going to leave you more comments though, I never realized until I started my own blog how much you appreciate other people's comments!! lol Talk to you later, girl! ~Donna!

Anonymous said...

Uh you could have said "I love my parents" "They are great" "They do so much for me" etc. etc.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

You could also say "my mom is prideful, look at her comments"

Anonymous said...

Ah such a blessing to have such a sweet, sweet son in law. Gotta love 'em! :-) Yes, he is a blessing!