Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Well, it's officially my little man's 2nd birthday. I'm so afraid of writing this post because I know it is going to end in me wiping away tears (being pregnant doesn't help in the emotional area, you know!). I just cannot believe how big he is getting and how much he is learning. He amazes me every day. As far as earthly possessions, he is by far the greatest thing I have ever been given and I know I will feel the same way when Eli gets here too. It's hard to believe that just 2 years ago I was at the hospital waiting on this new little life. He came into this world on June 5, 2006 at 8:53 PM. He weighed 8 lbs and 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long. My water broke about 7:30 am when I got out of bed that morning. I had purposefully told R not to call me that morning as he left for work at 6am. I told him he would hear from me. I think he was getting a little nervous because it was getting close to my due date (June 8) so he called me often (and woke me up!). So, I sat up in bed at 7:30am to go to the bathroom, again, fully intending to go back to bed. Well... that didn't happen because when I sat up.. I felt water. When I stood up, I felt water... when I moved... I felt water. So, I called R and although he had only been at work for 30 minutes, told him it was time to come home. I was surprisingly calm getting ready and out of the house. By 9am we we're out the door and on our way to the hospital. Of course they had to check to make sure that my water did in fact break! Surely they could tell by the trail of water I left after putting on my hospital gown (sorry if there are any men reading this)! Anyway, I wasn't contracting much at all so they wanted to start me on pitocin. I was fine with that because I know that once your water breaks there is no turning back... the baby has to come out! :) I progressed normally with only one scary moment when Luke's heart rate began to drop. A rush of nurses came in the room and were flip flopping me all over the bed to help it recover. And it did. After that nerve racking moment though, I decided that I didn't want anyone besides R, my mom and my sister in the room with me. I began pushing around 7:45ish PM. I only pushed for about 45 minutes when Luke's heart rate decided to drop again. I was told that was normal during a push but his wasn't recovering well after each push, during the rest period. So, the c-section decision was made. It wasn't my ideal situation but you will do whatever possible for your child, at birth and forever! And even though things didn't go how I had planned (how silly of me to think they would!), in the end I had a healthy, beautiful baby boy! And the recovery really wasn't as bad as I expected! I had no idea how much he would change everything! I cannot imagine life without him!
I must quickly mention the fact that a lady had a seziure while driving outside the hospital & drove right into the waiting room in the women' s pavilion while I was in labor.. and who reached in and turned off the car to save the day??? My hubby! He was famous that day!

So, here are a few new things going on in Luke's world at the new age of 2:

  • Just about 2 weeks ago he counted to six! Of course he hasn't done it since but I know he can. He refuses to count on demand!

  • He knows his last name. I was unaware that he knew it but one morning I was spelling his first name for him and when I said "Luke" he followed it with his last name.

  • He was 'cooking' for me a few days ago and was feeding me. After I 'took a bite' he asked, "Want some more?" That's the first 3 word question he's ever asked.

  • He correctly identifies the color orange.

  • He can be very mischievous. For instance, say I'm washing dishes and he goes to the refrigerator to get water out of the dispenser (which is not allowed) and I catch him and tell him no. He will come over to me, nudge me to turn back to the sink and tell me to 'wash dishes'. Kind of like, "Mind your own business lady I'm doing something!"

  • He would live outside if we let him. He absolutely loves it. I'm dreading the humidity and heat this summer because I know Luke will want to be out in it!

  • He attempts to sing the ABC's with R and I every night. It is the funniest thing ever! All of the letters run together but he just has the best time singing and bobbing his little head to the tune. I have to get it on video soon.

  • He is learning to be still and bow his head while we are praying. Occasionally he'll sneak a little bite in! He once even reminded me to pray when I sat down at the table to eat lunch with him!

  • His favorite things (other than being outside) are: his stuffed Mickey Mouse that he sleeps with every night; his many, many cars and trucks; Mickey's Clubhouse on Disney that we watch almost every morning after he gets up; Veggie Tales; bananas (well, pretty much all fruit); chicken nuggets and french fries; playing in general, especially when Mommy or Daddy plays with him

  • His least favorite things are: going to bed; coming inside after playing; eating vegetables (besides carrots and 'dip'); Mommy brushing his teeth (he loves to do it himself, but he hasn't quite mastered it); stopping playing to do pretty much anything (I mean who has time to eat when you can play with cars all day long??)

Happy Birthday Luke! Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of the handsome little boy you have become! It's bittersweet to watch you grow up! We love watching you learn new things and grow! You are an incredible little person! Our prayer is that we can teach you to love God and that one day you know Him the way we do. Most importantly, may your life bring Him glory!

I rarely post pictures but I just want to show my little guy off. So, here are a few pictures over the past two years!

4 days old:

1 year old:

This morning after getting his new slide! The big TWO, my how you've grown!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Mimi and Granddaddy love you very much! You are a precious little boy!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Isn't it funny how the day we gave birth was full of pain, difficulty and stress, but we count it as one of the best days of our lives?

I love hearing birth stories...thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to Luke!


Kari Sanchez said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I can't believe our babies are 2, time flies, but I'm ready for it to stop, I dont want her to grow past 3! I love this age!

Sassy Amie said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Misty said...

David and I thought of you all on Thursday. I hope Luke had a great day! We hope to see you guys this weekend!


DonnaK said...

I hope Luke had a great birthday!! Just think it won't be long until Eli's birthday!! How exciting!! Well, I hope y'all have a great day!