Sunday, June 8, 2008

Strange things... and MPM for June 9

Fried Egg, Cheese and Jalepeno sandwich is normal right? I thought so.

It was so good!

Seriously, I have not had many cravings. I've kind of talked before how I really think most of them are myths. I just like food and I like it with jalepenos.
I must tell you about one of my pregnancy dreams that I had. It's hilarious! I had a dream that we brought the baby home. It was a girl, oddly enough, and I know there is no way possible that this one is a girl. Little boys are pretty easy to spot.. She also had lots of curly hair! So, we brought her home late one evening and put her to bed. The next morning it was time to feed her. We hadn't fed her all night. We didn't hear a peep out of her. My response when we woke up was, 'well, I better feed her since we haven't fed her since we brought her home.'.... Like it was no big deal!!! So, R and I go to find her.. yes, I said FIND her. We could not remember what room we had laid her down in! So, we're searching every room in the house trying to find her. Well, where do we find her? Under one of our beds, just as content as can be. Again, there was no panic.. it was completely normally to find our infant child under one of our beds. So, I go to nurse her and I tell R in my dream that I hope that the feeding goes better this time than with Luke. So I start nursing and milk starts flowing like a water faucet turned on full blast! I mean I was almost drowning this child with milk! Haha.. now that is one part of the dream that there may be some truth too. I do hope that I have plenty of milk to feed this little one... but maybe not that much. So after the major milk flow I woke up. It is insane what these hormones will cause you to dream. I've had another strange one since then but I can't remember it for some reason.... I'm sure there will be plenty more the closer it gets. 11 & 1/2 weeks to go!

Ok... enough about that craziness.... Here is my menu for the week (easy because of VBS):

Monday- Boxed Chicken Veggie Lasagna (gasp).. Yep, it's been in the freezer for a while and it needs to be eaten. We start VBS tomorrow so I won't be doing my normal morning grocery run. So, we'll have an easy dinner and then head to the grocery store tomorrow evening.

Beef Pot Roast (Crock Pot ~ I'm looking at 2 recipes to try... I'll let you know which one I choose and if it turns out)), Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Beef Soft Tacos (using leftover meat), Refried Beans, Apple Grape and Walnut Salad

Crockpot BBQ Chicken, Broccoli, Corn on the cob

Loaded Baked Potatoes, Salad

Reviews from last week: The meatloaf in the crockpot was a hit. There was A LOT of fat to drain off but that's pretty normal. I just drained it about an hour before it was supposed to be finished and added the ketchup to the top. I loved that I could just throw it in at lunch and that it was done at supper time. The other plus, the crock pot doesn't heat up my kitchen like the oven does. I didn't make the other crock pot meal (the chicken one) because we had a busy day and I just made some tuna salad for that night.

Breakfast- Cereal, Oatmeal, Fruit

Lunches- Sandwiches, Leftovers, Fruit, Carrots Sticks (dressing)... I think there are a few Lean Cuisine's in there too. (we'll be snacking at VBS so lunches will be small)

Snacks- Yogurt, Raisins, Teddy Grahams, Popcorn, Fruit.. I'm trying to lay off the sweets this week so I'm staying away from the frozen dessert aisle!

I have no idea what we'll be getting for fruit besides grapes, apples and bananas. Cantaloupes are on sale so I'll get one of those if I find a good looking one. I think berries (all kinds) are one sale too.

We had a great time Friday night with the grandparents. We ended up getting a tray of chicken nuggets (from ChickFilA) and I baked some french fries, which is the recently turned 2 year old's favorite. I also got a tray of deli subs from Publix, a cookie cake & vanilla ice cream. We also had chips to go along with it and my mom made a peach cobbler. We tend to over do it in the food department for get-togethers. I would rather have too much food than not enough. We had leftovers Sat and today for lunch from the party.

Time for bed.. VBS starts tomorrow... :)


Misty said...

I too have had some crazy dreams! The craziest that I can actually recall was of my having to complete several obstacles, like on a ropes course, except everything was in the water. Once I finally got out of the water I got into a car (it wasn't mine) and begin driving through the woods to get away. Then these really big, puffy looking skeletons were chasing me and ended up getting into the trunk of the car. The car then started filling up with this marshmallow-like substance and it was choking me. I was trying to keep it out of my mouth and away from my nose when I woke up. How weird is that!

Unknown said...

Misty, who hasn't had that dream?

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL about the dream! I had some really strange ones when I was one I gave birth to a child, but by the time I was at home, it was a cat. And no one seemed to think it was a big deal!