Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today I married the man of my dreams... [everyone say "Awwwww"]

Seriously though, I'd like to take a little (and very little, since Eli will be up soon!) time to say how much I love that man of mine! I never realized 4 years ago how much more I could love him! He is such a support to me! In the past few weeks he has been my strength. I am so thankful that he stands with me in our desire for me to stay at home. And I believe that he does understand (most of the time!) how difficult my job can be. I'm thankful that he doesn't get bothered by a messy house or my no-makeup face! He understands that some days it just doesn't happen (more often than not here recently) and the most important thing is that I'm taking care of our boys! He helps me out as much as he can. He understands that family comes before work and he always puts us first (after his relationship with God, of course).

I admire him so much. He stands firmly on God's Word. I know that his desire is to honor God with his life no matter what. I trust him to make decisions about our future because I know he is following God's plan.

And here we are four years and two beautiful little boys later. I am so blessed!

And if I may get a little more sentimental... here is the wording on the card he gave me today.. it fits perfectly:

Someday, many years from now, we'll look back on this crazy time in our life together and wonder how we did it all.... and then, those ordinary, everyday moments that we often take for granted will shimmer like the stars as we recount them...
I'll sit close beside you, you'll take my hand in yours. We'll look at each other and say: "I'd do it all again.. and I wouldn't change a thing."
And I cried.. and his response was, "Well, don't cry! I didn't write it!"... (in our home we must always interject humor somewhere!)
I know that, but you read it.. and you knew it was perfect! :)


Sassy Amie said...

Happy 4 year anniversary Crystal and R! I still remember that beautiful day in October when you each said "I do" to God and to each other. It is very evident that you love each other so much in just the way that YOU speak of him. May you have 80 ((or so)) more years of the same!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Awwwww...Happy Anniversary!


DonnaK said...

Happy Anniversary y'all!!!! I pray for many, many more to come!! Y'all are a great example of what marriage is aupposed to be!! I know that you both give all the credit to God! I hope y'all have had a GREAT anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Awww...Happy Anniversary!

Kari Sanchez said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many many more years of blessings and happiness.