Friday, October 24, 2008

Today we went shopping......

It was an adventure.

First we stopped by Target to pick up a few things... all was well in Target... Next was Publix.

Eli got a full belly so we thought all would be good in Publix. Well, we were wrong. I would like for you to picture this as I attempt to describe it.

I got a regular shopping cart. The Hubs got one of those HUGE ones with the "car" on the end that you push. I have never gotten one of these because they are so big and I can't hardly control a regular size one. Luke seemed to love it though. He really liked pretending to drive the cart. Eli went in the basket part of the "car" shopping cart in his carseat. So, off I go to get groceries while The Hubs and the kids follow me. Shortly, (and I mean less than 5 minutes) into our trip Eli starts screaming so we attempt to hush him with the paci... and after a few failed attempts The Hubs picks him up. So, now the Hubs is trying to follow me, while I shop, holding a baby in one hand and pushing a gigantic shopping cart with the other.

Even being held didn't do much for Eli. He was sleepy and just really wanted to nap but couldn't. So, The Hubs decides he's going to take Eli to the car and leave Luke with me. Ok, so I transfer the few items we had already picked up into the giant cart (that I was so looking forward to steering) and they head to the car. Off Luke and I go to finish grocery shopping.. as fast as we can. So, we shop.. and run into several things along the way. As we are heading to the produce (I should stop here and say that I have a very detailed and precise order in which I grocery shop.. my last two stops are produce and meat, so we were almost finished) I remembered that I didn't have my purse. The Hubs was originally with me.. with a check card.. but now he was in the car. And I was in Publix with a cart full of groceries and a toddler. Oh, and it was raining.. well 'misting' but still, it was wet!

So, I get my produce and my meat and I push the enormous cart over to where the bathrooms are. My logic: I'll leave the cart here and no one will mess with it because they'll think that whoever it belongs to is in the bathroom. So, I carry Luke to the car.. in the mist and get the check card. I leave Luke there and head back in. My plan worked, the cart was still there. So, I go to check out. Me, by myself.. with a gigantic cart.

I was so ready to get out of there! I did mention to the cashier and bagger that I came in with a husband and two children but they had all ended up back in the car.

I didn't purposefully choose the big, humongous cart all by myself.

Sometimes in those stressful moments.. you just have to laugh. And I did... while I pushed the big, gigantic, enormous, huge, green car shopping cart to my car... alone! Luckily, I didn't hit any people or real cars on the way!

This trip wasn't our first... we have all made it before and it worked out okay. But, for some reason today it didn't. It was an interesting few hours to say the least but we survived. Life with two children.... it's an adjustment. It's never boring, to say the least! :)


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm laughing with you, because I can remember calling my mom when it was fianlly time for me to get out and go grocery shopping after I had Nathan. I asked her, "Where am I going to put Nathan???" He was still small enough to sit in the seat, and now I needed that spot for the infant car seat.

It's funny how there are SO many little hurdles that have to be jumped when you have that second baby. You never even think about those things're so focused on diapers and feeding and adjusting your routine.

Glad that you have a sense of humor about it!


Kari Sanchez said...

haha that sounds like an eventful trip, but thankfully hub was there with you to help out! I can just picture all of this occuring, I'm sure you laugh now like I did, but then it wasn't too funny. I'm learning from you what it's like to have 2.