Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Search for Square Pretzels

Photo from Disney Family Fun

Update: I found them! Actually my sweet husband found them! He drove about an hour and a half away to get them for me! And I didn't even know! :) Then, guess what? I went back to WalMart.. and they had a gazillion bags! Of course! ;)

See those square pretzels... that's what I'm looking for! Some call them waffle pretzels. I can't find them!! We have been to five stores in search of them and also called another, but no luck. They are no where to be found. This is the recipe I'm wanting to make: M&M Nativity Legend and Recipe with Candy Cane Kisses! Super cute! And Candy Cane Kisses are probably my favorite holiday candy.

You can make many variations of this candy though with whatever kisses and M&M's you like. Last night I was reading a few blogs and found a new "Bakng with Vivi" video over at Raising Homemakers! (Remember, I shared with you all about her Tuna Salad Video). She is just precious and explains so well how to make this yummy treat!

So, if you happen to find the square pretzels, pick me up a bag or two! What kind of easy treats do you like to make at Christmas?