Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas 2010

What a blessing God sent us on Christmas Day! Here in the south, we rarely get snow! So, to get snow on Christmas Day is especially a treat! I can remember getting flurries but I don't believe I've ever experienced a true white Christmas! We took a ride through some beautiful country side before they closed the roads Christmas afternoon. Sadly, I didn't think to bring my camera. I did get some shots of the boys playing in the snow!

Love bug Eli...

Sweet Luke..

So excited!

Looks like he's about to throw it, right??

Nope, just gonna eat it! :)

Daddy and Luke with a sad, Alabama snowman!

And of course, we must right the gator in the snow!

Our backyard yesterday morning... yes, most of it stayed a whole 24 hours!

Disclaimer for my friends up North: Yes, I know, the ground still peeks through.. But, this is considered a 'white Christmas' for us folks! ;)


Jessica said...

great pictures! looks like you guys had fun!

We loved playing in it too.

Our snowman resembled a volcano more than a snow man. hehe

We had close to 2 inches here (guess our location close to the mtn helped with that) Our deck and back yard actually still have a lot. =)