Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Works for Me: January 26, 2011

Ok, so this topic may seem gross but I wanted to share! I have horrible sinuses. I typically have several sinus infections per year. I'm certain they all stem from allergies gone bad! So, back during the fall decided to try to be proactive about it! So, I went to my local drugstore and looked at the different types of sinus cleansing products. I decided to stay away from anything that looked like a tea pot! I picked this up (pictured above) and have been really pleased with it! It was around $8-10.

I don't use it everyday, although I probably should. I start using it when I first feel the signs of sinus trouble. Like, ahem, right now. My husband is not a fan, though. He tried it and said he tasted salt water all day! I haven't had that problem. It's easy to use although, the first time you use it, it's pretty strange!

A while back I found the comments in this Raising Homemakers post on home remedies to be really helpful!

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