Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preschool Letter O

Yes, I know!! I had mentioned in my Letter N post that I was going to catch up with all of our letter of the week posts! But when I went to do letter O, I couldn't find any of the pictures!! Finally, I found a memory card that held the pictures, so here we are! We're starting Letter W this week! So, I'd say I'm a little behind on my posts!

We started out the week, as usual, with a collage of different things that start with the letter O by Homeschool Creations.

Next we did a Ocean scene and talked about ocean creatures and plants! We also watched several videos on National Geographic Kids about different kinds of sea creatures. I know we watched a few about Octopuses (Yes, I looked it up and it's a legitimate word for the plural of octopus!)! They are amazing creatures!

Luke made an owl out of a letter O. We got the idea from No Time for Flash Cards and we watched this video. It's an animated video and reading of the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Next Luke made his very first lapbook on Ostriches! We found the ostrich lapbook on Homeschool Share. I just used what I thought Luke would enjoy and could understand.

And while Luke and I put together the lapbook, Eli colored an ostrich coloring page!

Our scripture verse for the week was:

"I will Obey your word." Psalm 119:17

Letter O was a fun week!