Saturday, January 5, 2008

A late Christmas gift!

(If you haven't heard my news go here)

Those of you who saw my Christmas Tour may remember one of my favorite ornaments.. the one of Luke's little hand print. Well, I was soo excited to find out at New Years that my mom just happened to be keeping Luke the Sunday in December that they were making ornaments again! One of the girls at my mom's church had told me that she helped with his footprint but I didn't even think about it being an ornament! I was really surprised! So I just had to share my cute new ornament that will definitely be on the tree next year!!

His foot turned into a snowman:

And here are his little toes!

The other side has his other footprint and his name and year. So cute!

And as a side note: the other pic I showed of his 'hand print' ornament actually has a little baby in a manger on the other side. The manger is his thumb and baby Jesus is his little finger prints! I don't know why I didn't take a pic of that! They are too precious!